Abarth 500X, the SUV made by Abarth

Abarth 500X, the SUV made by Abarth

Imagine a Fiat 500X. Now go do it, but dressed in a suit made by Abarth war, with all-wheel drive and 170 hp … Abarth 500X, at what looks good?

Dear Kings … Do not think we need to continue with the letter. Or if? Make it a robust SUV with AWD , it is a fun sport , which sounds like heavenly music that run and have a look than fear . And that has nothing to empeñarme to buy it. Must wait for the Christmas 2016launch is planned for His startup 2017, but if the Kings finally come with it under his arm, make more than one happy. To me, the first. And Abarth could fulfill my dream of a new Abarth 500X .

Abarth 500X, the SUV made by Abarth

Abarth seems to have given the green light to the 500X project , as is what you read. It will be the first model developed by Abarth with AWD although it is more than likely that there are also 4×2 versions , but I think that\’s the biggest news. The SUV is fashionable and the “spicy” Fiat division also wants to make an appearance. Given the starting point, the rest sure that you can imagine yourself.

Image seasoned with the typical style of the brand, lowers the center of gravity by firmer and shorter springs , shock absorbers and specific tuning … And still. The engine of the future will be the Abarth 500X petrol MultiAir 1.4 with 170 hp, which will use the Abarth Spider , an engine that holds a lot of technology and there is no doubt that Abarth optimize the characteristics of his philosophy.

A power of  170 hp is not much , but enough for the Abarth 500X develop a good level of performance and sensations . The change, in turn, will  double clutch with 6 relations also properly adjusted to the characteristics of the model. Functionally, as only lose, as you can imagine, off-road capabilities due to lower ground clearance compared to Fiat 500 X and more geared to driving on asphalt equipment wheels, but honestly, I do not think that\’s a concern. Although seats and interior decoration will be specific, it will offer the same capacity within the Fiat 500X, with a load capacity of 350 liters. Nissan Juke Nismo RS or Mini Cooper S Countryman , be careful because you can chop the scorpion.

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