A mysterious and abandoned property hides a large supply of classic cars, rare gems included

A mysterious and abandoned property hides a large Collection of classic cars

YouTube’s “The Bearded Explorer” was lucky enough to find such a hiding place. And by hiding, I mean more than 100 classic cars stored on what appears to be an abandoned property. Its precise location remains a mystery, but it’s somewhere in the UK, a country that seems to be teeming with such places.


A mysterious and abandoned property hides a large supply of classic cars, rare gems included

This property was abandoned so many years ago that the road leading to it is barely visible. But thanks to a piece of advice he received from a fellow explorer, this guy found his way to a field and a few barns filled with classic cars.

And although many of them are ordinary vehicles with European specifications, some are downright rare and sought after.

The footage is far from spectacular at first, showing a bunch of Ford Transitpickup trucks, Peugeots and old British sedans. But things get more interesting as it gets closer to the big barns, with a Ford Sierra XR4x4 and a pair of Jaguar XK8 revealing themselves to the camera.

The Jags are almost covered with bushes, while the nearby old Land Rover is home to plants that grow indoors, a sign that this place hasn’t been frequented in several years.

A mysterious and abandoned property hides a large supply of classic cars, rare gems included

Like any British collection, this treasure includes several MGB GT. It’s not the rarest sports car, but it’s one of my favorites, so I’m always excited when I see them. Even if these are just abandoned examples that need a second chance.

Some of them are parked in the large barn filled with more than 20 cars. Among them, there is a BMW 635 CSi that seems to be in good condition. Although the exterior has some problems, the interior is actually nice and clean. This is a classic that deserves to be saved.

Yes, it’s not the M specification, high-endversion of the E24, but the regular 635 is just as exciting, thanks to an inline six-cylinder that develops more than 200 horsepower. And I bet it still has its original engine under the hood.

I also spotted a Jaguar XJS with a V12 engine and at least a handful of Jaguar Mark 2s. The list of rare gems hidden here expands to include a Peugeot 205 GTI, a Mercedes-Benz 280C and a Rolls-Royce from the 1980s. To top it off, there’s an Aston Martin hidden under a tarp in one of the barns.

With only part of the trunk lid revealed, it is impossible to identify it, but it seems that it is a model from the early 1970s. Maybe a DBS V8 based on badge placement?

Either way, it’s probably rare and expensive. And it also looks in good condition, which means it should be worth a six-figure sum. The owner is probably aware of this since he left it under a tarpaulin.

Did I also mention the Lotus Europa and the Jensen Interceptor?

The property is also home to some classic Porsches of the 924 and 944 variety. Yes, these aren’t super rare 911s or luxurious grand touring 928s, but these sports cars are also becoming harder and harder to find. And they are not in very bad condition either.

Finally, there’s also a rare (but not really expensive) MG Metro GTa. Far from being iconic in the United States, the GTa is one of the coolest British sedans of the 1980s.

It wasn’t too hot at 74 horsepower, but it was pretty sporty thanks to a stiffer suspension and alloy wheels wrapped in more grippy tires shared with the MG Metro Turbo. I’d love to see him on the road again.

Overall, this mysterious property is a really cool place to explore, but it leaves quite a few questions unanswered. Do these cars still have an owner? Will be theWillthe few be saved? Until we know (and it might take a while), press the play button below for a full tour of the property.

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