765 bhp Honda Civic Type R – MORE POWER THAN AN AVENTADOR SV

765 bhp Honda Civic Type R, Power is an addictive drug. If you have tasted it, you’ll crave more of it. It can consume you while you spend hours lying in bed digging through the forums trying to discover the next big way to snatch more power out of your car. You say that you stop, that 300 horses is a lot – but finally, you are bored with power. It’s slow.

So you can reach 400, then 500. Still, that’s not enough. You throw tens of thousands of dollars into the best performance pieces for your turn in the hope of achieving greater power. Soon, you have a unicorn – something that was once relatively commonplace and now needs a protective cage and a fire extinguisher. You will find a dealer – a spare parts tuner – that helps fuel your dependence on power. That’s what Adam Flowers did with his Honda Civic Type R that he bought in 2011. He teamed up with TDi North, a UK aftermarket manufacturer, and his car has not been the same since.

In the video of 765 bhp Honda Civic Type R, Flowers says he started modifying the car about two weeks after buying it. At first, the thought of 240 horses would satisfy his tastes, but he was wrong. Soon, he found TDi North who helped take his 240 hp Type R he had up to his current production of 765. He pumps 512 lb-ft of torque through the front wheels. That’s 25 more horses than the Lamborghini Aventador SV, for those who keep the score at home.

To achieve such immense power, Flowers and TDi north have installed a multitude of new parts. The engine is brand new from top to bottom with forgings. When your goal is to build the fastest R type in the UK, you do not hold back. Some of the parts include Omega 86.5 millimeter pistons, Saenz rods with L19 bolts, Supertech 92lb double valve springs, Supertech steel nitro dome-faced intake valves, face-mounted exhaust valves Motionwise Inconel plate and many, many, many more. The full build list is in YouTube’s description if you want to follow the path of Flowers.

With all the engine upgrades, the flowers improve the transmission, revise the exterior bodywork to give the 765 bhp Honda Civic Type R a significantly more aggressive, semi-denuded interior while adding a half-roll cage, and racing seats . Browsing the list, it looks like Flowers and TDi have not unscrewed and replaced a single bolt.

What do flowers plan to do next? Well, he says he’ll take the summer to enjoy the car, but he’s also eyeing over 800 horses. Why not, right? He did not want to disclose his cost in the project, but did not note that if you want 400 hp, you will spend at least $ 10,000. He pushes 800 horses, so you can do the calculations.

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