5 of the Best Car Museums in America

5 of the Best Car Museums in America

In these museums in the United States you can find very old cars with a lot of history. Undoubtedly, in these places you will have a good time appreciating vehicles that you probably will not see elsewhere.

Many people enjoy seeing vintage cars in excellent condition and although there are many collectors who have really rare and impressive vehicles, not all people can admire them.

Classic cars, of unlimited edition and in an impeccable condition do not abound in the streets, because these are relics that must be in suitable places to continue preserving their great state.

However, in the United States there are many museums where any car lover can enter and admire old, unusual cars and special editions.

5 of the Best Car Museums in America


According to the National Automobile Museum Association (NAAM),there are more than 100 car museums in the United States and the state of Michigan boasts the most of these: 18 active exhibitions, followed by California, with 10 museums, and then Ohio, with 8. 

That’s why, here we have gathered 5 of the best car museums in the United States.

1.- The Revs Institute – Naples, Florida

The Collier Collection at the Revs Institute is one of the finest collections of classic race cars in the United States. Their Porsche collection is especially great, if you’re a fan of the automaker’s sixties and seventies sports cars.


2.- America’s Car Museum – Tacoma, Washington

The America’s Car Museum houses a collection of about 250 vehicles, mostly American, in a beautiful building in Tacoma, Washington. This museum also features great pieces of NASCAR history as it has a large collection of memorabilia.

3.- Antique Automobile Club of America Museum – Hershey, Pennsylvania

This Hershey, Pennsylvania museum claims to have the most extensive Tucker collection in the world. It has three of the 51 Tucker 48 built, several engines and rolling chassis on display. With only these specimens it is already worth visiting this museum, however, it also has an extensive collection of cars from before the war.

4.- National Corvette Museum – Bowling Green, Kentucky

The National Corvette Museum has the best collection of Corvettes in the world. Some of the destroyed cars, such as the millionth Corvette manufactured, have been restored.


5.- The Henry Ford – Dearborn, Michigan

This museum pays tribute to the entire automotive world, not just Ford. His Driving America exhibit shows the relationship between cars and the American people, and how it has evolved over time. Race cars are also celebrated, with some of Henry Ford’s first racers on display.

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