5 Factors That Make Car Diesel Engines Less Powerful

5 Factors That Make Car Diesel Engines Less Powerful

Does your car use a diesel engine ? Congratulations, that means your car has a lot of power and torque, although in general it’s a bit noisy of course.

That’s under normal conditions. Then, what if the diesel engine in your car suddenly feels less powerful?

Let’s find out the cause. Usually there are five main causes that can make a car’s diesel engine less powerful. Especially for conventional diesel engines.

Well, to find out the five saboteurs, see the full review below :

5 Factors That Make Car Diesel Engines Less Powerful

1. Dirty Solar Filter

Dirty diesel filters are one of the main problems of underpowered diesel engines. Dirty diesel filters reduce the flow rate and volume of fuel required.

Finally, the engine experienced a lack of fuel mixture so that its power was not optimal.

A dirty filter makes the filtering process not good. Dirt can get into the injection pump. Eventually the injection pressure becomes problematic.

An indication of a dirty diesel filter is a sign that the water separator indicator light starts to light up without any obvious signs of the cause.

2. Weak Solar Pressure Pump

This pressure pump is mounted on the diesel filter or near the injection pump. Its function is to draw diesel from the fuel tank.

If conditions weaken, there will be a delay in the supply of fuel that the engine actually needs.

This condition causes the mixture of fuel and air is no longer ideal so that the power produced by the engine is not perfect.

An indication of a weakened pressure pump is that the engine is difficult to start in the morning so it is necessary to pump it to start the engine.

3. Injection Pump Problem

The injection pump is an injection pump to deliver pressurized diesel fuel to each injector.

The pressure in the injection pump has different sizes, depending on each car.

However, when the injection pump pressure decreases or even exceeds the recommended pressure, the diesel engine must have problems.

An indication of a problematic injection pump is if thick black smoke appears until the engine loses power.

4. Improper Injection Timing

The value and position of the injection timing in a diesel engine rarely changes, but it turns out to be in the wrong position.

Eventually the diesel engine becomes less powerful. Injection timing is the time the injector opens the nozzle to spray fuel.

The condition of the injection timing that changes and does not match the engine specifications can make the car’s power less powerful. Sometimes even too much black smoke appears in the exhaust.

5. Low Engine Combustion Chamber Compression Pressure

Diesel engines that are less powerful are indeed affected by the problem of smelling fuel. Including the compression pressure of the engine combustion chamber which is already too low.

Compression pressure does affect diesel engine power. Diesel engines require high compression pressure, approximately 30 kgm. Very far when compared to the compression of gasoline engines in the range of 10/11 kgm.

When the compression pressure decreases, the fuel-air mixture is more difficult to detonate. As a result, engine power is reduced.

That’s five causes of diesel engines become less powerful. Therefore, check the condition of your diesel engine frequently. Hope it is useful.

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