3 Reasons why you shouldn't let your dog or pet ride in the passenger seat

3 Reasons why you shouldn’t let your dog or pet ride in the passenger seat

For pet lovers, hitting the road with your adorable dog as a co-pilot, even if you drive to the grocery store, is a unique experience, especially when the pet is traveling as your co-pilot companion . However, this is actually a huge mistake, as you are not doing your dog any good and neither are you.

Why is it not safe for your dog to sit in the passenger seat?

3 Reasons why you shouldn't let your dog or pet ride in the passenger seat

1. An accident would be fatal

Accidents happen and can happen in a fraction of a second. While your dog may want to hang around you all the time, the front passenger seat is a dangerous place for your pet. 

The risk of a catastrophic accident is increased by the lack of restraints for your dog. In most cases, dogs that are allowed to ride in the front are not wearing a harness. This means that, in the event of an accident, there will be a high probability that the dog will be thrown through the windshield or around the vehicle, causing serious injury to the dog and other passengers on board .

2. Airbags are dangerous for your pet

In the same way that they are not safe for young children, front airbags can pose significant harm to your dog. The American Veterinary Medical Association notes that a dog sitting in the passenger seat or on the driver’s lap can be seriously injured or even killed by an air bag.

3. Dogs are a source of distraction

While it may seem cute, having your dog in the front seat while driving is a risk to you, the dog, and anyone else around you. However, according to AAA reports  , approximately 29% of dog owners admit that their dogs distract them while driving . An unattached dog plus a distracted driver is a recipe for catastrophic disaster. 

In some states it is illegal to travel with your copilto dog

It is illegal to have a dog in the front seat in some states because it is considered a source of distraction. Under the laws of Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut , traffic police can fine a driver if their dog is in the front seat, diverting the driver’s attention off the road.

As mentioned, each state has different laws regarding bringing dogs in the car. While some states have laws that prohibit unleashed dogs from riding in the car, other states use ambiguous language that requires traffic police to make a decision whether an untethered dog in the vehicle is causing distraction while driving.



How to avoid an accident when traveling with your pet?

It is never a good idea to let your dog ride in the front passenger seat, no matter how adorable they are. To make sure your dog is safe while riding in your car, always keep him restrained, preferably in the back seat . Also, don’t let the dog stick its head out of the window too much. In this way, you will decrease your chances of being distracted and you will be more likely to avoid a possible accident. Lastly, it is important to get a car that is designed for both you and your dog.

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