2022 Honda Civic Type R: New Images Show Spoiler Retained

2022 Honda Civic Type R: New Images Show Spoiler Retained

Honda shared with its followers the arrival of the new Honda Civic Type R. The brand showed images of the vehicle with camouflage that reveal a renewed and aggressive design, but that retains its sporty character.

Honda wasted no time showing the next pinnacle of the Civic’s nameplate. Just a few months after the Honda Civic sedan and standard hatchback  debuted and went on sale, here we have the new 2023 Honda Civic Type R unveiled for the first time. Needless to say, it seems that all the comments made so far agree that this looks really good.

The best performing Honda Civic Type R

The brand just dropped a couple of photos on our laps and said this will be the “best-performing” Civic Type R yet, before adding the 2022 reveal timeline . That is all. We have a long time before 2022 rolls around, so we can expect a slow and steady trickle of Honda teasers.

New improved look

While the outgoing Civic Type R is still an angry-looking machine with chiseled lines, these teasers show off a more restrained hot hatch.  If you have to express a personal opinion, that is not bad. The softer look of the base car really lets the added wildest components shine through. They include a much wider front air dam, larger wheels, and a large spoiler at the rear . There is also an aggressive rear diffuser at the rear, while the three-point tailpipes remain from the current car.  Overall, so far so good from the worst Civic of the bunch.

2022 Honda Civic Type R: New Images Show Spoiler Retained

Acura and Honda reinvent themselves

With the 2022 reveal set in place, it will be a great year for Honda performance fans. We will not only see this new Civic Type R, we will see the return of the Acura Integra, which will also be a hatchback . Hopefully, Acura has plans to include the performance of the Civic Type R in its new Integra for a spicy Integra Type S. And don’t forget, we’re likely to see a new Civic Si soon too.

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