2022 Ford Ranger Tested in Extreme Environments

The all-new Ford Ranger is now in the testing phase as evidenced by a recent teaser video. Expect the global launch in May 2022, then land in North America a year later.

The Blue Oval has completed durability tests of the all-new Ford Ranger. Ford’s latest video is proof of that.

The prototypes covered 6,213 miles in desert testing in high temperatures and extreme heat, which equates to 776,714 miles of customer driving or 388,357 miles of off-road driving at full load capacity.

Test image of the all-new Ford Ranger

Ford also took next-generation Ranger test vehicles to cold environments in New Zealand and North America to test the pickup’s stability during frosts. Additionally, Ford has repeatedly tested the model under laboratory conditions, including evaluating body strength.

Intensive testing of the 2023 Ford Ranger and more frequent teaser releases indicate the reveal time is approaching. However, the start date is still a matter of speculation.

The Ranger is a global model for 180 markets. According to some insiderinformations du blog ranger6g , Ford will first launch the next-gen Ranger in Thailand and then in Australia next May.

Production for the US market is expected to start in May 2023 at the Ford Michigan Plant (MAP), while sales are set for early July of the same year. This is preliminary unofficial data.

The new Ranger will have a resemblance to Ford’s newer trucks – F-150 and Maverick . Expect the base model to use a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, but higher-output engines are also expected to be in the lineup, along with electrified powertrains. . Also, a hot version – Ranger Raptor – is on its way to America.

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