2022 Ford F-150: Ford's flagship pickup gets more expensive

2022 Ford F-150: Ford’s flagship pickup gets more expensive

The Ford F-150 has not only regained its title as the best-selling pickup truck. Now, the 2022 model goes up in price in the highest version of the series for a starting price of $ 75,150.

2022 Ford F-150: Ford's flagship pickup gets more expensive

The  2022 Ford F-150 is getting more expensive for what seems like the millionth time. As we approach the end of the year, automakers are announcing price increases on almost every vehicle. Usually this is because the vehicle receives new features or packages for the new model year. This price increase is slightly higher than the typical F-150 increase. However, the price increases do not apply to all F-150 models , only one.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Limited is getting more expensive

The most expensive version of the F-150 is getting even more expensive. As America’s best-selling truck for more than 40 years, the F-150 should have its options. Although the less expensive models are a bit more popular due to their affordability, the Limited version is luxurious and capable. The Limited model will now arrive even further above the other model’s price points.

Starting in model year 2022, the Ford F-150 Limited will start at $ 75,150 for the basic two-wheel-drive version . Adding all-wheel drive brings it up a notch to $ 78,575 without any other extras. This price is a change of $ 2,280 more than the previous model year. A well-equipped Limited F-150 can easily dwarf $ 80,000 or more.

Are other F-150 models getting more expensive?

The Limited version is already priced very high, so it won’t affect that many people. But are the F-150’s less expensive trim levels getting a price bump, too? The cheapest of the bunch is the XL model, which will start at $ 31,335 with destination charges. That’s just a $ 350 jump from the previous model year.

Most other models are only seeing a jump of $ 215 from 2021 to 2022. That’s good news for buyers, as this kind of small increase won’t have a noticeable effect on monthly payments. The most affordable F-150 models will remain affordable by 2022.

What makes the Ford F-150 Limited worth a $ 2,280 price increase?

Details of the standard features that are new for this model year have yet to be announced. The F-150 Limited is the top version, so it already includes basically everything the other models have. This includes a 360-degree camera package, standard 900A, a trailer package, and more. Current engine offerings are the same across the board for the F-150 models, whether it’s a 3.5-liter hybrid or non-hybrid V6.

Making the F-150 Limited worth another $ 2,000 won’t take much for the automaker. It could be something as simple as a higher quality of materials used in the interior. The F-150 Limited already contains as many bells and whistles as standard equipment, it’s hard to figure out what could be added.

The 2022 Ford F-150 is getting more expensive for the new model year. Each trim level is only getting a tiny bump, but the more luxurious Limited model takes a big leap . An already well-equipped model will surely receive some new standard equipment with this price increase. Pack your wallet, because the Ford F-150 Limited with four-wheel drive and optional equipment will easily fetch $ 80,000 or more.

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