2021 Volvo XC60 B4 AWD Specs, Review & Details

2021 Volvo XC60 B4 AWD Specs, Review & Details

The XC60: always a safe bet

In families, it often happens that the youngest is the favorite. If this is already the case in France where the XC40 has become the darling of Volvo customers, the XC60 saved its throne by a hair in 2020 by remaining the house best seller in the rest of the world. Whatever the case, this therefore means that this family SUV remains a capital model for the Swedish manufacturer and that, for him, the engineers are very caring. The XC60 thus benefited from an update of its thermal engines with the adoption of micro-hybridization, a technology which concerns the B4 diesel being tested here.

2021 Volvo XC60 B4 AWD Specs, Review & Details

A convincing “boosted” engine

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we must not confuse hybrid and micro-hybrid. While the first technology, which Toyota has made its trademark, allows the car to move forward with the sole force of electricity over a few or several tens of kilometers in the case of a rechargeable version, the micro -hybridization is unable to do so. It is the marriage of an alternator-starter and a very small battery and its goal is to give the heat engine a hand so that it consumes less. In the case of the XC60, the 2.0 B4 bi-turbo diesel is therefore married to this system (at 48V here) and the result is rather convincing.Completely transparent cut-off and restart via the alternator-starter, good acceleration and pick-up performance (6.6 seconds from 80 to 120 km / h, this is the guarantee of serene overtaking) this B4 which develops 197 hp and especially 420 Nm of torque befits the XC60 well. In terms of satisfaction, we must also salute its sobriety with an average measured by us at 8.1 / 100 km of diesel and the good work of the automatic gearbox. eight-speed, certainly not super fast, but very smooth.

Two small flaws

On the whole, keeping its promises, the core diesel of the XC60 still commits two odd ones. The first is to claim its almost 9 l / 100 km of fuel on average in the city. There is an explanation for this: weight. Indeed, our test XC60 was an AWD four-wheel drive version packed with optional equipment and that pays off in cash. We have raised 2020 kg! Another downside, more annoying this one and that we had recently noted during the test of the breaker adventurer V60 Cross Country with the same engine, this Volvo B4 lacks discretion.In slow motion as in acceleration, poorly gagged clicks spoil the party. This is not dramatic because once started, this engine knows how to be silent in particular thanks to the eight-speed gearbox which allows road and motorway to operate at low speeds. But the most demanding will find fault …

Driving: the advantage of all-wheel drive

€ 2,250 more. Here is the financial effort required to benefit, as on our test model, from AWD all-wheel drive on the XC60. But it\’s worth it. Indeed, if the front-wheel-drive Volvo are far from unpleasant to lead, the four-wheel drive versions evolve in another sphere. Allowing the torque to be distributed on the two axles in the event of precarious grip, the all-wheel drive relieves the front axle, which is sometimes overwhelmed with the Swedish manufacturer\’s productions, especially in wet conditions. More pleasant to drive therefore, the XC60 AWD offers its driver a clever mix between serenity and safety. Yes, an Audi Q5 or a BMW X3are undoubtedly more dynamic in turns and offer a more convincing direction because more communicative. But, for a family SUV, the XC60 offers high performance and takes care of the comfort of its guests knowing that it can be equipped with an excellent air suspension (€ 2,300) to smooth out the defects of the road. Finally, we must salute the pleasant and comfortable driving position with, in house tradition, front seats that will remind you of your favorite chair.

A great alternative

If the XC60 is obviously not given with a range starting from € 49,230 with this B4 diesel and € 58,130 with all-wheel drive (not available on the base finish price February 2020), amounts to which it is not necessary do not forget to add the CO2 penalty, the Swedish represents a great alternative to the equivalent SUVs from Audi and company which in the process “hit harder” on the wallet side . Welcoming, comfortable and not unpleasant to drive, the XC60 also offers a neat presentation and rich equipment, not to say royal for those who can invest in the many options.


Trade name Volvo XC 60 B4 48v AWD G8 (169g) Inscription Luxe 2021
Box type automatic_converter

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