2021 SUZUKI Swift Hybrid facelift test drive, Specs & Details

2021 SUZUKI Swift Hybrid facelift test drive, Specs & Details

SUZUKI’s most iconic new-generation metropolitan car, SUZUKI Swift Hybrid, is equipped with a new 1.2-liter 12V Mild Hybrid technology to achieve better fuel consumption and sewage kinetic energy efficiency. At the same time, the new Suzuki Safety Support initiative is added. Safety equipment.

2021 SUZUKI Swift Hybrid facelift test drive, Specs & Details

Power specifications

The SUZUKI Swift Hybrid abandoned the original 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine and switched to the same 1.2-liter natural air intake as on the Ignis car, combined with the light oil-electric system of the ISG integrated starter generator and lithium-ion battery, so that the fuel consumption performance was also changed from the original 19.2km/L increased to 22.3km/L. But the power and torque are not as good as the previous 1.0T.

2021 SUZUKI Swift Hybrid facelift test drive, Specs & Details

Safety equipment

In addition to the 6 airbags in the past, ESP body dynamic stability system, HHC slope start assist system, TPMS tire pressure detection system, this renewal update adds ACC active distance cruise control, RBS radar brake assist System, DSBS collision prevention system, LDW lane deviation warning system, Weaving alert driving fatigue warning system, RCTA rear vehicle test warning system and BSM vehicle side blind spot detection system and many other safety equipment, although it is not ACC in the full speed range, it is Judging from the imported cars of the same level, it is already considered the first class.

Back seat feeling

Sitting in the back seat, the performance of the knee and head space is not bad, but the cushion is soft and short, and the support is not good. The rear seat is not so good because of the window type and the influence of the car body. Another point is that when sitting in the back seat, you can clearly hear the noise of tire rolling and the sound of wind cutting, and there will be a significant drop compared with the front seat.

Control feeling

The overall road feel when driving is relatively comfortable, unlike the European road feel that the Korean car manufacturers have recently emphasized, it is an enhanced version of the Japanese road feel. When driving on a mountain road, although the side tilt is large and the front wheel pointing is not neat, the front wheel grip will not quickly lose control and cause the head to be pushed, which is quite unexpected.

Oil-electric system

This set of the same engine and gas-electric system as Ignis, originally thought it would look quite weak on the Swift, but in fact, after the road, although it is not full of power, but thanks to the weight of the Swift less than a meal, it makes him pay. It is more than enough. This set of Mild Hybrid’s idling stop and start-up vibrations are considered small, and there is no obvious feeling, and even if the engine does not stop at idling speed due to insufficient power at the red light, its engine runs quietly at idling speed. However, just like Ignis last time, when the idling speed is turned off, the air-conditioning compressor will temporarily stop operating, which may be a little harder in the hot summer.

The pre-sale price of the slightly changed Swift Hybrid has increased by about 40,000 compared to the previous price, but it also adds a lot of equipment. It is not too much to go back and forth. As for the official price, it will not be officially released until the 25th. Announced, just look forward to seeing if there will be a more amazing price!

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