2021 Honda Jazz Type R Rumor, Specs, Design & Release Date

2021 Honda Jazz Type R Rumor, Specs, Design & Release Date

The new 2021 Honda Jazz is imagined in a sporty Type R version with additional elements on the exterior, including a fixed rear wing.

2021 Honda Jazz Type R Rumor, Specs, Design & Release DateThe new generation of the Honda Jazz , the Japanese compact, recently launched has undergone a particular graphic transformation. To implement it is the X-Tomi designer who offers us a new render imagining a hypothetical sports version of the new Japanese manufacturer of the model: an original Honda Jazz Type R . 

2021 Honda Jazz features

In the intentions of the Japanese company, the realization of a high-performance variant of the Jazz is certainly not a priority, a model that looks at other peculiarities compared to sports performance and high speed, leveraging different aspects such as comfort, on-board technology and driving efficiency through the debut of the new hybrid engine.

Elements that make Jazz worse

Compared to the basic version of the new Honda Jazz, this sporty Type R variant hypothesized in the X-Tomi Design render has a more aggressive and gritty aesthetic, expressed through the revised front bumper which integrates larger air intakes and an additional splitter. On the same wavelength is the appearance of the profile, with side skirts in carbon fiber, oversized wheels with multi-spoke wheels and mirror caps painted in a contrasting color with the bodywork. At the rear, the only visible modification in the render is the addition of a generous fixed wing.

Harder engine than the new hybrid e: 109 HP HEV

While the new Honda Jazz relies exclusively on the new hybrid engine e: 109 HP HEV, for the eventual Jazz Type R the Japanese brand should opt for a more powerful and performing engine, in line with the expectations of those who would get behind the wheel of such a car. Maybe a valid option would be to mount the same engine as the Honda Civic Type R.

2021 Honda Jazz Type R Release Date

If properly entered the production line, the Honda Jazz Type R will be a young brother to the legendary Honda Civic Type R hot hatchback.

In Japan, the All New Honda Jazz began to be marketed in mid-February 2020 with selling prices starting at 1,557,600 yen (equivalent to 194.34 million) to 2,186,800 yen (equivalent to Rp 272.84 million) for the 1.3 liter gasoline engine type.   For the eHEV or hybrid models with 2-motor electric technology, it sells from 1,997,600 yen (Rp. 249.24 million) to 2,536,600 yen (316.5 million).

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