2020 Volkswagen ID CROZZ Overview

2020 Volkswagen ID CROZZ Overview

The ID CROZZ is a prototype of electric all-terrain medium-sized with all-wheel drive, belonging to a family of electric models that Volkswagen has introduced in recent months. This prototype “is an improved version” of the Volkswagen ID CROZZ that was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2017. Regarding this, receives changes of interior and exterior and premieres elements of equipment. The other two models are the ID and the BUZZ ID.

The body is 4.63 m in length, 1.89 m in width and 1.61 m in height, although Volkswagen says that in its range, the model that derives would be located below the Tiguan. The wheelbase is 2.77 m. It has no central pillars and the front doors open at a 90 ° angle. The cabin has four independent seats, with multiple adjustment and folding possibilities to facilitate the loading of objects and passengers.

2020 Volkswagen ID CROZZ Overview

Volkswagen ID CROZZ is powered by two electric motors, one of 101 hp of power coupled to the front wheels and another of 202 hp to the rear. The traction under normal conditions of adhesion is to the rear wheels. Both axes are connected \’through an electric gimbal shaft\’. Volkswagen does not explain what this union consists of, but says that it allows to regulate the distribution of power between both axes. The batteries and the motors are located in the floor of the car to subtract the smallest possible space to the passenger compartment. The capacity of the battery is 83 kWh, the maximum speed of 180 km / h and the autonomy homologated by cycle NCCE, of 500 km.

The weight distribution is 48% ahead and 52% behind. The shock absorbers are of adjustable hardness, mounted in McPherson strut on the front axle. The turning radius is 10.5 m (Volkswagen does not say whether between curbs or between walls).

This Volkswagen ID CROZZ is prepared for autonomous driving (under a function called \’ID Pilot\’), although Volkswagen does not say at what level of autonomy. For the control of the environment uses a series of laser sensors. It also supports the gestual and vocal control of certain functions, such as opening one or several doors and the trunk, opening the panoramic roof or activating and deactivating the autonomous driving mode. To activate it you have to use a series of commands such as “Hello ID, please open my door!”.

2020 Volkswagen ID CROZZ Overview

The headlights have LED technology. A series of led light strips placed between the doors and the dashboard illuminate when a passenger gives an order, to indicate who has activated the system. An additional indicator light in front of the driver (“Smart Light”) informs the driver of his maneuvers or alerts in dangerous situations.

The instrumentation is viewed through a screen, the main functions are handled through another 10.2-inch touch screen and tactile surfaces that also serve to handle the turn signals or the gear selector. Among the menus available in the multimedia system there is one that gives information about the air quality and allows to adjust the air conditioning accordingly (system CleanAir).

It is equipped with a head-up display through augmented reality, which makes the graphs appear virtually at a distance of 7 to 15 meters from the driver\’s eye, “exactly there where It will happen” . The CROZZ ID is devoid of mirrors and, instead, some cameras do the same function.

2020 Volkswagen ID CROZZ Overview

The multifunction steering wheel is retractable, so it is hidden when the driver does not use it to give more amplitude. The central logo has the tactile surface and through it can be changed from manual to autonomous driving. To do this you have to touch it for three seconds (or use the voice control).

The CROZZ ID ambient light changes between light blue when manual and red driving is active when autonomous driving is active. It is equipped with panoramic sunroof. The body is also brightly lit and this illumination interacts as the occupants open the vehicle, put it in circulation or activate the autonomous driving. The painting, red, is called Hibiscus Red Metallic. The wheels are alloy 21 inches in diameter.

To coat the interior, Volkswagen has used a combination of leather and Alcantara.

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