2020 Suzuki V Strom 1050 XT review & Details

We will start by talking about driving this bike. All the equipment in the XT increases the weight of the 2020 Suzuki V Strom 1050  XT by 11 kg. It is not nothing, but one cannot say that that changes much with driving because the motorcycle flirts all the same with the 250 kg. What is surprising is that this Suzuki, which seems heavy when it is moved by hand, is not at all when it is launched. This test of the V Strom 1050 reveals a machine that is very easy to handle, precise, easy to handle and always very dynamic.

The 2020 Suzuki V Strom 1050 XT is equipped with an IMU that does not have its sister, this allows it to have in particular an ABS which functions in curve and two levels of intervention of the ABS, things which do not offer the standard. On the electronics side, the XT also offers cruise control that the other does not have, however the different engine modes and the levels of traction control (which is disconnectable) are identical. All this can be adjusted via the single left handlebar switch and we always appreciate the fact that you don’t lose your settings when you switch off the ignition.

The XT is above all full of equipment!

What differentiates the 2020 Suzuki V Strom 1050 XT from the basic version is its equipment which plays on the price and a few measures. First the weight since the XT announces a surplus of 11 kg. There is also ground clearance which is 5 mm lower on this XT. It’s amazing for a motorcycle with spoked rims that is supposed to be better for the roads, but in any case 5 mm will not change much. Everything else is identical even the seat height, dimensions, suspensions, braking and of course the playful performance of the V-twin.

In addition to the electronics already mentioned, a lot of equipment is present on the V Strom 1050 XTFirst, the windshield that adjusts in height in several positions without tools, just with a lever and a slide. Awesome ! except that you have to be in front of the windshield to adjust it. You can do it on the handlebars but even with the long arm, it is not practical. Essential for some: the center stand which requires a little effort to make the bike climb. There are also the attractive spoke rims, the cylinder guards, the suitcase supports, an essential or almost essential accessory for traveling far in pairs, the hand protectors but still no heated handles. Anyway, it’s very complete and functional.

What does it change when driving 2020 Suzuki V Strom 1050 XT?

Some perceptions of comfort when it is not hot with the hand protectors and the windshield which can be adjusted in height, even if the handling is not very easy, it is really good. The shape of the mirrors does not change the vision which remains very good, it is purely aesthetic just like the LED indicators and the white tail light cover. Suitcase racks allow you to transport your belongings safely, it’s perfect if you buy the suitcases that go over them. A 12V socket under the saddle allows you to charge a dry phone, for example.

The gain is also on electronics. ABS on a curve is great if you are a follower of the schoolchildren’s path. It ensures the coupling of the rear brake with the front, it is good for safety but also for comfort since the machine rocks less on the front when the front brake is applied. The passenger will appreciate this reduced transfer. Of course, we have a lot of basic equipment, but the IMU of note XT brings a little more security in bad conditions. And then the XT is equipped with cruise control without adding a button to the left handlebar. Everything is done simply, it is well thought out and easy to use.

2020 Suzuki V Strom 1050 XT test report

This Suzuki V Strom 1050 XT is the most richly equipped version. As for his sister (without the suffix XT therefore) everything is there, without frills. It is well thought out and generally easy to use apart from the height adjustment of the windshield. A funny idea, but good. The electronics are already very complete, this is not where we gain the most even if the ABS in the curve is very reassuring and the cruise control may seem essential for some big riders. The big plus of the XT compared to the basic version is all the equipment which means that on the scale it weighs 11 kg more.

The adjustable windshield and hand guards provide added protection against the elements. Certainly, we do not have heated handles in the equipment of the XT either. The center stand, suitcase supports, 12V socket in addition to the standard USB socket, etc. nothing is missing from this bike, which is very easy to live with. With this XT version, Suzuki offers a very homogeneous travel machine and as always at a reasonable price even if the XT adds 1600 euros to the invoice. The engine is voluntary, the cycle efficient and the electronics work perfectly. It is a machine to discover for frequent travelers but not only because its ease of handling will certainly delight those who drive for daily use.

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