2020 Seat Ateca : first photo and video of the Redesign !

Seat announces the restyled Ateca for June 15! In the meantime, here is a first photo and a first video of the new compact SUV.

The time flies ! The Seat Ateca has been on the market for four years already. Launched in 2016 and sold since more than 300,000 copies, the first SUV of the Spanish manufacturer (since the small Arona and the large Tarraco followed) must therefore already go through the restyling box.

Seen on numerous occasions in recent months, and especially in France in the Alps, this new version of the compact SUV is officially announced today via a first video and a first photo.

Revised design, both outside and inside

For now, the model is presented from the back. We thus discover its redesigned rear lights, fitted with scrolling indicators, and the new font with its “Ateca” logo which appears on the tailgate.

Discover the restyled Seat Ateca on video .

The Ateca should also evolve at the level of its front face with probably a shield, headlights and a grille revised. Seat also promises a “modern interior”, “improved levels of safety and comfort” as well as a “user experience fully connected to customers”.

Anything under the hood of the Ateca?

But the main novelty could especially be under the hood. The rumor indeed announces the arrival of a new plug-in hybrid engine. For the moment, the brand is talking about “advanced engines and reviews” which “increase efficiency as well as performance”. So the mystery still remains.

Despite everything, the suspense surrounding this new Ateca will not last very long since Seat announces that its model will be unveiled on June 15. Appointment is made!

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