2020 BMW R18 Boxer 1800cc Specs and Details

2020 BMW R18 Boxer 1800cc Specs and Details

BMW Motorrad, the German motorcycle industry leader, has unveiled the 2020 BMW R18, a classic cruiser motorcycle that takes on the old BMW Concept R5 that was actually built more than 80 years ago. With a new engine that is larger than the current BMW’s top Boxer engine. Penetrating the market for people who like classic bike.

2020 BMW R18 Boxer 1800cc Specs and Details

“This bike was not built for speed,” said the bike’s chief designer, Edka Henrich, added. “This bike , we have a design concept that Want to bring the classic analogy To live in today’s digital age And also able to convey the precious history of BMW Motorrad on this motorcycle perfectly.

For the design of the bike. Not just brought back the retro-looking shape But also brings together the design of the exhaust pipe, the classic fender Including some systems Of the bike, such as the driven shaft Must go back and use the same era as that Using black tone control Intersection with the shine of chrome perfectly.

Incidentally, BMW Motorrad’s Boxer-engine motorcycles have been using axle drive from the first generation to the present.

Although this model is built in a classic style But hidden modernity perfectly Starting from the round headlights This is a LED headlight with high beam, low beam and dimmer in a round lamp. That is perfectly designed, and the turn signals also have LED lights as well

Next to the bottom in the shock absorber. Is a telescopic shock absorber Classic design On the brake system Provides double disc brakes, brake calipers from BMW 4 Pots with anti-lock ABS system.

Speedometer screen Spherical There are both analogue speed gauges. And digital gauges in the same speedometer

2020 BMW R18 Boxer 1800cc Specs and Details


The right handlebar. Consists of electrical control buttons, engine ignition buttons And control buttons for hand warming system The brake pump section above Decorated with a chrome cover, engraved with BERLIN BUILT lettering.

Next to the right handlebar grille It is a button to control headlights, buttons for changing different modes. Through the screen etc. And the clutch hand pump area Chrome cover decoration Perfectly matched with the brake pump cap on the right

2020 BMW R18 Boxer 1800cc Specs and Details

Classic style drip-shaped fuel tank, capacity 16 liters

2020 BMW R18 Boxer 1800cc Specs and Details

BMW fuel filler cap that looks like an airplane propeller, designed by ROLAND SANDS DESIGN.

2020 BMW R18 Boxer 1800cc Specs and Details


2020 BMW R18 seat Is a single seat, a height 690 mm, the exhaust pipe Is a twin chrome exhaust pipe It has a wide body design with a narrow end, which is known to be a very popular design in the Cruiser segment, while the tail lights are the same as the LED turn signal lights.

BMW R18 uses the largest Boxer engine ever made.

BMW R18 uses a boxer engine, two-cylinder, horizontal, air-cooled, size 1,802 cc, with the following technical data.

engine 2-cylinder, horizontal, boxer-type, 4-stroke, 8-valve, air-cooled And cooling oil
Cylinder size (mm) 107.1 x 100
Cylinder capacity 1,802 cc
Maximum strength 91 horsepower at 4,750 rpm
Maximum torque 158 Nm at 3,000 r / min
Speed More than 180 km / h.
Compression ratio 9.6: 1
Gear system 6 speeds
Drive system Driven shaft

2020 BMW R18 body

Frame Double-cradle steel frame with screwed-on underbeams
Front shock Telescopic
Rear shock Single spring shock absorber
Front brake Dual disc brakes, size 300 mm, with BMW 4-pot brake calipers and ABS.
Rear brake Single disc brakes, size 200 mm, with 4 pot brakes and ABS
Front tire 120/70 R19
Rear tire 180/65 B16


2020 BMW R18 dimension

Dimensions Width x Length x Height (mm.) 967 x 2,440 x 1,232
Seat height 690 mm
Wheelbase 1,731 mm.
Ready to use body weight 345 kg
Fuel oil 16 liter


The selling price of the BMW R18 First Edition in Thailand is 1,150,000 baht, assembled from Berlin, Germany. All imported to Thailand

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