2020 Baojun E300 : Xiaomi's electric car becomes a reality

2020 Baojun E300 : Xiaomi’s electric Specs, Price & Details

The world of business is increasingly made up of partnerships and alliances. This applies in particular to electric cars and their complex development. Let’s take Baojun just once , the Chinese brand of the super group formed by SAIC, GM and Wuling, in which electronics giant Xiaomi is also involved, which in turn is also active in the world of four-wheelers in China via Xpeng.

2020 Baojun E300 : Xiaomi's electric car becomes a reality

But let’s leave out the macro scenarios and stick with the fruits of these far-reaching maneuvers. In this particular case, it is the E300, an inexpensive city car that is initially only intended for China and, thanks to Xiaomi, presents itself with a fairly innovative look and content. Now the range, the technical features and the features of the E300 have been announced.

First of all, the Baojun E300 is available in two body styles: 2 seats and 4 seats, the latter version being marked with the word Plus. The two versions of the E300 differ mainly in length and wheelbase, with the 2-seater reaching 2.62 meters (with 1.75 meters wheelbase) and the Plus 2.89 meters (with 2.02 meters wheelbase).

Both vehicles have a 31 kWh battery without cobalt, the chemical formula of which is LiFePO4 and which technically consists of 100 cells connected in series and works at 320 V and 100 Ah.

The Baojun E300 has a range of 305 km (NEDC), regardless of the body, which is 229 km in the WLTP standard. The vehicle has a 6.6 kW on-board charger which can be used to charge the battery in 5 hours.

Using a DC column promises to be able to charge the battery from 30% to 80% in one hour (there is no official data, but it should support around 40 kW of power). In terms of performance, the rear-wheel drive car reaches a top speed of 100 km / h. Here is an overview of all known data:

Baojun E300 / Baojun E300 Plus

Length: 2.63 meters / 2.89 meters
Width: 1.65 meters / 1.66 meters
Height: 1.59 meters / 1.60 meters
Wheelbase: 1.75 meters / 2.02 meters
Seats: 2/4
weight : 920 kg / 1,040 kg

Battery: 31 kWh / 31 kWh
maximum power: 54 PS / 54 PS
maximum torque: 150 Nm / 150 Nm
Range: 305 km / 305 km in each case in the NEDC cycle (229 WLTP) Top
speed: 100 km / h / 100 km / h
Turning circle: 4 meters / 4 meters

The car, which in the plus version also has folding rear seats to increase the trunk capacity, is offered in various equipment variants. In the top version, a lot is included: adaptive cruise control, active lane departure warning, emergency brake assistant, parking assistant and alarm system.

For the Baojun E300, prices range between a minimum of 64,800 yuan and a maximum of 78,900 yuan, which corresponds to a range between 8,281 and 10,197 euros. The E300 Plus is a little more expensive. It ranges from 69,800 yuan to 84,800 yuan, which is the equivalent of 8,920 to 10,836 euros.

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