2019 Mini Electric Car Will Show at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

2019 Mini Electric Car Will Show at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

MINI will take advantage of the celebration of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 to introduce a concept that will give us a vision of the future of its expected electric car battery. The first electric production MINI will arrive in 2019 and will be manufactured in Oxford (UK).

2019 Mini Electric Car Will Show at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

MINI E, presented by the brand in 2008, had more than 240 kilometers of autonomy.

The Motor Show 2017 Frankfurt was the venue chosen by MINI to offer a preview of what\’s to come. Within a few years the legendary car company will jump to sustainable mobility with the launch of its first 100% electric vehicle in series production. Currently, MINI already has in its end a plug -in hybrid, the MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4 .

In addition, the veterans of the place recall that a few years ago, the brand already tried his hand as a battery electric cars is concerned with the MINI E . Although at that time a mere “experiment”, the company under the guard of the BMW Group, is prepared to take the battle in a market niche that with great expectations of growth.

As the German manufacturer recently announced, the expected MINI electric will hit the market sometime in 2019 . Its production will take place in the factory that the brand has in Oxford (United Kingdom). It will start from the base of the MINI Hatchback with three-door bodywork, the most iconic model we can find today in the signature range.

2019 Mini Electric Car Will Show at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

MINI E production was limited to 500 units. It was a slight but interesting contact with sustainable mobility.

However, we will not have to wait until the end of this decade to know this model. As we have pointed out at the beginning of the article, MINI has chosen the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 as the event for the launch of a concept that will offer us an advance of the electric car . It will be a very important first because of the data that we can extract from the concept.

Thanks to this advance we will be able to know the first details of the mechanical and technical section of the future MINI electric. For now, we know it will be powered by an electric motor powered by the energy stored in a lithium-ion battery pack . The power platform will arrive from Germany, where it will be manufactured, and later be sent to Oxford.

This launch is part of a complete offensive by the BMW Group to reach its salestargets for electric vehicles by the year 2025. The automotive group expects that between 15 and 25% of its total sales in that year correspond to this type of vehicles.

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