2019 Land Rover Defender

2019 Land Rover Defender – The production of its built since 1948 off-road bedrock Defender is Land Rover set mid-decade.This was confirmed by a Land Rover spokesman told “Automotive News”. According to the magazine The Land Rover brand is working hard on a successor, but gives no details are known.

This famous SUV military stature can be sold in major markets because it is not in compliance with emissions standards, collision, pedestrian safety, etc. In short, the engineers went back to the drawing board to concoct this vintage 2019 Defender prototype, which at first glance seems very successful.2019 Land Rover Defender 3

Already In 2011, the British manufacturer on the IAA in Frankfurt potential successor “DC100” with a steel body before, but this concept has dropped again, according to the US research firm Bernstein Research.Instead, Land Rover is considering now to build the Defender successor with a more expensive aluminum body based on the current Range Rover platform. With the launch was expected earlier than 2019, resulting in the Bernstein analyst.

2019 Land Rover Defender

The first completely new Defender since 1948 will be more than just a fantastic off-roader. Because the classic market for the Defender — farmers, the army, authorities — is limited, Land Rover needs to broaden the hardcore off-roader’s appeal to urban guerrillas and the fashion-conscious in-crowd who couldn’t care less about departure angles and fording depth. The Land Rover Defender model range will span from a tough, no-frills SUV to a butch-looking, go-anywhere luxury liner. (To get an idea of what’s to come, check out the differentiation between the recently announced limited-edition Defender models badged Heritage.

2019 Land Rover Defender 2

2019 Land Rover Defender – Up to five styles and five engines

Insiders predict no less than five bodies from the two-door SUV short wheelbase rigid or soft top until long wheelbase model four-door pickup or model.

Mechanical side, it is expected there also several versions: diesel 2-liter 150 and 180 hp, 2-liter petrol 180 and 240 hp and the top a 3-liter V6 300 hp that will replace the old greedy V8.

Obviously, on board, the Defender will be upgraded up to date (and 2018) with elements of comfort, infotainment, roadholding, efficiency and safety. The ladder frame will also disappear in favor of a unibody platform. 2019 Land Rover Defender