2019 BMW 3 Series Spied Testing : With Technological front optics

2019 BMW 3 Series Spied Testing : With Technological front optics

  • We have been able to see a new prototype of the BMW 3 Series in a more advanced state of its development.
  • This unit already has new elements, such as the bumper and the front optics, which are already the definitive.

2019 BMW 3 Series

Our photographers were able to capture a new test unit of the future 2019 BMW 3 Series while driving on German streets, a model that we have seen on several occasions in recent weeks, although this can be seen as the copy is in a stage advanced in its development , as it has new elements such as a modified bumpers and even its final headlamps.

As with previous units, we find a heavily camouflaged model, which hides practically all of its body under vinyl and plastic elements, but still find new shapes in the front area. In the case of the bumper we see how the lower grille has changed slightly, leaving the area of ​​the great central sensor in sight , in the optical system it is clear that the lower elements already have new shapes, more worked and sculpted. Instead of having two circular elements, as is usual in the optics of the brand, we can see some hexagonal shapes , as we have seen in recent presentations of the Munich firm.

The new 2019 BMW 3 Series will coincide with its launch with the new generation of the  BMW X5 2018 , and like this one, is also in the last stages of its development, reason why it is normal that the prototypes already mount their definitive elements. This new generation will receive the internal code G20 and will have a great update at a technical level, starting with the platform itself, as it will use the same CLAR platform that serves as a basis for all models of rear or total wheel drive BMW .

Latest stages of development.

This new generation will be born in 2018 with a very renewed design, and greater emphasis on interior finishes , trying to underline its premium positioning, to be able to compete with its multiple rivals, the only ones that seems to survive the envy of the buoyant SUV segment.

Its exterior design will be influenced by the latest launches of the Munich firm, as is the case of the recent Series 5 . Its new features will be more forceful, with a larger but more stylized grille, as far as the bodywork, we will find a more aggressive line , with more sculpted sides and a more marked waist line. Although the image of the model will continue to remain faithful to the classic silhouette of the Series 3.

At the mechanical level we will find supercharged diesel and gasoline engines , and also thanks to the use of the new platform, we can see new versions of hybrid mechanics, as is the case of the Series 3 325e iPerformance that we were able to analyze just a few days ago.

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