2019 Bentley Flying Spur – The mask of the Panamera

Bentley introduced a four-door version of Continental GT coupe two years after its release, precisely in 2005. The addition of two doors and a sedan-shaped rear drive was done in all but gracefully. The second generation began in 2013, again two years after the arrival of the new coupe, and while the tail has been redesigned, it still has not pushed the right visual buttons. Anyway, the second generation is more of a facelift, as it always relied on the same technology we had more nip and tuck regarding the style changes and the interior went on in a Remarkably similar. But as we saw that the new coupe is under some heavy tests, so the new sedan is also and we will see what we know about 2019 Bentley Flying Spur.


No, that’s not the case. Well yes, in the espionage photos it’s Porsche Panamera, but underneath it is not. Bentley has already used other cars to test the next-generation technology of its models, you may remember the use of the Audi Q7 which was Bentayga under the surface in this case.

In this case, the British company uses Panamera, and the license plates are registered on Bentley, so there is no confusion on the matter. Anyway, it’s a clever way of hiding the contours of the new Spur before you decide to show them.



In terms of future style, images do not serve anything for us. But we have seen spy photos of the GT model and we have the beautiful EXP10 Speed 6 concept to guide us. From spy cutting shots we now know that fascia forward will closely follow the shape of body concepts as a whole, which give us tremendous hope that Flying Spur will become looker for the first time.

The new body will be incredibly stylish and sporty compared to the current model, while honestly, the new coupe is so beautiful that Bentley could easily do something similar to BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe in our case. Well, this is not going to happen, because we are talking about a rival for Rolls-Royce Ghost, but undeniably it will become attractive, and we do not believe that British will spoil everything with the dubious design of the tail.


There are no spy plans for the cabin, and if they were, they would be useless, as they would be pieces of Panamera. The actual interior is undeniably one of the best deals when luxury is concerned, but it has not visually evolved much since 2003 when we saw it in the coupe. The above concept gave us a glimpse of what to expect, and we should all be more than pleased about it if ti follows these directions.

We see that all the prevailing prodigality remains, but as for the exterior, the graceful new elegance found arrives. Dash is no longer massive, in fact, contrary, being incredibly sporty-oriented and shaped similar to that of the legendary Porsche Carrera GT. It’s more than natural for the new coupe to take, but for a luxury sedan, it will be something unusual and interesting if this happens.

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