2018 Volkswagen Touareg Interior Review

2018 Volkswagen Touareg Interior Review

In the Touareg 2018 the driver sits slightly closer to the floor of the car and forward than in the previous one. The seats can be heated, ventilated and massage different types (through ten pneumatic cameras).

2018 Volkswagen Touareg Interior – passengers

The rear passengers can move the seat by some guides -the regulation is 16 cm- and change the angle of the backrest, with a maximum inclination of 21 degrees. The ground is not flat because the transmission tunnel protrudes. There are ventilation vents on the feet, console and side pillars; If the most expensive air conditioner is installed, these seats have their own settings through controls on the console. They can also have two USB connections and one 230 V socket

2018 Volkswagen Touareg Interior Review

The panoramic roof measures 1270 mm long and 825 mm wide. It is divided into two sections, because the first, the front, can be lifted or slid back. The curtain that protects passengers from solar radiation is electrically operated.

There are two multimedia systems: Discover Pro and Discover Premium. With the first, the instrument panel is made of needles and the screen on the dashboard is 9.2 “. With the second, the frame is a 12 “screen and the other screen has 15”

. This alternative eliminates almost all the buttons of the console, except for the volume regulation.

We have not seen a Touareg with the simplest configuration but we have climbed in one with the other. In addition to the size of the second screen, what I find more remarkable is that what is displayed on both screens allows many possibilities of customization by the user. Most systems, while leaving some adjustments at the will of the driver, are rigid when presenting information. In the 2018 Touareg it is not like that.

The central screen has four zones: a top bar with access icons for different functions (configurable), a main zone in which different elements can be displayed (the map, information of the sound and telephone equipment, for example It is possible to choose what to see), a lower area from which the air conditioner is operated and different adjustments of the seats and a column to the left to activate the functions of demisting of the windows, the parking assistant and three configurable buttons.

To help manage the screen there is a small shelf where you can rest your hand. It may be very useful to get where you want to move. We will have to wait to test the car in motion to draw conclusions about the absence of controls, for example, to adjust the temperature. In stopped it does not seem that Volkswagen has turned out badly.

2018 Volkswagen Touareg Interior – Trunk

2018 Volkswagen Touareg Interior Review

The trunk is wide and well lit (there are points of light on both sides and in the gate). You can have rails to place some accessories and controls to lower the suspension (so it is easier to put the load) and place the tow hook. There are also levers that allow folding the backrests of the seats of the second row and thus be able to put long objects. Under the floor there is a space that is partially occupied by the puncture repair equipment, the 48 V battery and the amplifier of the sound equipment . Small objects (a bag with a camera, a laptop or a small backpack) can fit in the remaining space, but not for a suitcase, for example.

When opening the gate, the luggage cover curtain does not roll, but climbs up some guides that are on the pillars. This is not a hindrance to load the car. If necessary, you can take out those guides and pick them up on your reel.

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