2018 Toyota RAV4, same engines and finishes with new Black package

2018 Toyota RAV4, same engines and finishes with new Black package

Toyota has announced the innovations that it will introduce in the Toyota RAV4 for this next 2018. This model, that appeared in the market in spring of 2016, will maintain the same motorizations as diesel as gasoline and hybrid, that accumulates more than 90% of the sales in our country.

Among the novelties of the 2018 Toyota RAV4 is a new package of equipment, called Pack Black and which includes lower protectors and casings of mirrors in black and Style 18 inch wheels in the same dark tone. This package will only be available associated with Feel!

In addition to this new package, the RAV4 will update its range of colors with the replacement of Bordeaux red for a lighter shade called red Tokyo , which is already part of the range of other models such as Yaris, Auris or Avensis. On the other hand, the finished Feel! now includes optional electric sunroof .

We recall that the variants of the model are hybrid RAV4 Hybrid 197 hp , diesel 143 hp or gasoline 151 hp . The hybrid model can be chosen either with all- wheel drive or with front-wheel drive , while diesel is available only with front-wheel drive and full-drive petrol. Available finishes remain the Business, Advance, Feel! and Executive.

2018 Toyota RAV4, same engines and finishes with new Black package

Prices of the 2018 Toyota RAV4 in Spain

Gas Finish Power Traction Price
Gasoline Advance 151 HP Total € 30,500
Gasoline Advance pack Drive 151 HP Total € 32,250
Gasoline Executive 151 HP Total € 38,650
Hybrid Advance 197 hp Lead € 31,950
Hybrid Advance pack Drive 197 hp Lead € 33,250
Hybrid Feel it! 197 hp Lead € 35,750
Hybrid Executive 197 hp Lead € 39,850
Hybrid Advance 197 hp Total € 35,150
Hybrid Advance pack Drive 197 hp Total € 36,450
Hybrid Feel it! 197 hp Total € 38,950
Hybrid Executive 197 hp Total € 43,050
Diesel Business 143 HP Lead € 27,500
Diesel Advance 143 HP Lead € 30,500
Diesel Advance pack Drive 143 HP Lead € 32,250
Diesel Executive 143 HP Lead € 38,650

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