2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom General information

2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom is a four-door four-seater with which Rolls Royce replaces the homonymous model it put on sale in 2003  And updated in 2009 And 2012 . Although its appearance is very similar to the previous model, it is a new generation, manufactured on a new modular platform that the brand will also use in future models.

It will be available in two different variants that differ from one another mainly due to the wheelbase and body length: normal and “Extended Wheelbase” (at the moment, Rolls Royce has not communicated the exact measurements, the same variants Of the model it replaces measured 5.84 m and 6.09 m). The Phantom has very few alternatives: by concept (luxury vehicle) and by length, the most similar are the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman And the Bentley Mulsanne . As in other models of the brand, the rear doors open in the opposite direction of travel and the rear seats are placed more behind than normal, hidden behind the rear pillar.

There are four different configurations for the rear seats: a conventional bench seat, Two individual seats with central armrest, two individual seats with a fixed center console Or a recliner. In any of the four cases, the Phantom will be able to have, either as standard or optionally, numerous attentions to the passengers: folding tables behind the front seats, two retractable screens, Wi-Fi connection, a bar furniture with refrigerator, Wiski and glasses of champagne or a ceiling that simulates the starry sky.

It can only be chosen with a gasoline engine of twelve cylinders in «uve» supercharged by two turbochargers , with 6.75 liters of displacement, 571 horsepower and 900 Nm of maximum torque. The gearbox is automatic, is manufactured by the specialist ZF and has a function by which it adjusts the operation according to the information provided by the navigation system. The traction is always in the rear wheels and the steering system can act in the front or in the four (the latter system, optionally).

The suspension, consisting of pneumatic springs and shock absorbers with various levels of adjustment, has a function that registers the bumps that are in front of the vehicle and adapts its operation to pass over them in the most gentle way possible; Operates up to 100 km / h (this is a system similar to that used by Mercedes-Benz in the S-Class Or Audi on the A8 ).

The appearance of the dashboard is also very similar to the previous model, but there are important changes. The instrumentation, for example, consists of a TFT screen of 12.3 inches with different display modes. As in the previous model, it has no rev counter but an indicator of the available power reserve. At the top of the dashboard there is a retractable screen from which the main functions of the multimedia system are displayed.

The Phantom will be able to have many safety systems and driving aids, many of them innovative within the brand: a set of cameras that generate a top view of the vehicle, a night vision system, a high definition head-up display or Headlights that optionally can be completed with laser diodes for long lights (according to Rolls Royce, the light beam reaches 600 meters away).

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