2018 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Price

2018 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Price

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe and Convertible gets a series of engine design tweaks and upgrades with two AMG models also available.

Mercedes has announced pricing for its new S-Class Coupé range, it is available to order now with prices starting at £ 104,115.

2018 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Price

The entry-level S560 replaces the outgoing S500 as the base model and is powered by a similar 2.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that powers the Aston Martin DB11, but it was uncoupled from the 503bhp\’s 463bhp. Aston.

The other two Mercedes S-Class Coupe models are AMG editions, with the S 63 AMG 604bhp at £ 128,015 and the S 65 AMG V12 at £ 189,615, more than £ 60,000 more than the S 63.

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe options include the premium equipment line for an additional £ 4.995, which is only available on the S560. It is equipped with Nappa leather, a 360 degree camera and heated seats. Another option is the £ 2,580 driving assistance package that allows more autonomy. With the Premium Interior Package, the Driver Assistance Package costs only € 1,695.

While coupe prices have been confirmed, nothing is yet known about pricing for the 2018 S-Class Cabriolet, but it will likely be soon that the first deliveries for the new S-Class coupe will take place early in the season. next year.

At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show last month, the German automaker presented a number of performance tunings and upgrades on the S and S-Class Cabriolet ranges, both models debuting at the show. .

The biggest visible exterior change is the addition of Mercedes-AMG\’s “Panamericana” vertical grille – used for the first time on the new AMG GT – added to the S 63 and S 65 Coupé and Cabriolets. A three-dimensional front divider is also debuting to reduce lift to speed.

Non-AMG variants use a more familiar grille, but all models feature new OLED tail lights, an enlarged front air intake and a chrome front splitter. Two new alloy wheel designs complete the look.

The most important revisions are under the hood, though. The outgoing S 500 is abandoned in favor of the S 560, with a 463-hp 4-liter twin-turbo V8 developing the old 4.7-liter unit. It uses cylinder deactivation technology to improve efficiency by eight percent. The S560 roofless or roofless manages 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds.

The AMG S 63 waters the 5.5-liter V8 for the same 4.0-liter block as the S560, but with increased power at 604 hp and 900 Nm of torque. It also uses Mercedes\’ nine-speed automatic transmission, although the mark only indicates a 0-62 mph time for the 3.5-second non-UK AWD version. The flagship S 65 with the 6.0 liter V12 biturbo remains unchanged.

Chassis settings are minor, but include a stiffer lower chassis frame and higher camber for S 63 models, as well as improvements to the Magic Body Control system. The Race start feature for AMG models has also been made easier to use.

Inside, the digital dashboard has been updated with two new 12.3-inch screens united under one glass panel, such as the E-Class. The driver can now display additional information on digital instruments. A new, more user-friendly steering wheel design allows the cruise control to be removed and replaced with wheel-mounted buttons.

2018 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Price

The new technology includes enhanced voice control and an “energizing comfort control” system that adjusts seating, lighting, temperature and music in six programs designed to enhance the well-being of the occupants. The Apple CarPlay and wireless smartphone charging feature is also available, while the two-door S-Class also benefits from the same updates to the car\’s self-driving support systems as the S-Class 2018 sedan .

A limited edition Yellow Night of the S 63 Coupe will be available for a six-month launch. It features gray or black paint with yellow details, special seven-spoke wheels, ceramic brakes and an aerodynamic package. The interior also gains yellow accents throughout, plus the most exclusive leather upholstery.

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