Mercedes-Benz X Class Double Cabin (2018)

2018 Mercedes-Benz X Class Double Cabin Specs and Review

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a model with a pick-up type body . It shares some elements with the Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan , although Mercedes-Benz distinguishes the X-Class from these alternatives with more extensive equipment, more customization possibilities, a more advanced traction system (although not available at launch) or a six-cylinder engine (which will not be available at first). Other alternatives are the Ford Ranger , the Volkswagen Amarok or the Toyota Hilux .

2018 Mercedes-Benz X Class Double Cabin Price

The Price start from 37 133 euros with a 163 horsepower engine and from 40 114 euros with a 190. These prices correspond to versions with traction to the rear wheels. With all-wheel drive, the price is 40 677 euros if the engine is 163 hp and 44 203 with the 190 hp.

Mercedes-Benz X Class Double Cabin (2018)

If we search in the database  “pick up” vehicles of more than 5.0 meters in length, four or five seats and engines with power between 140 and 180 hp, Class X is the one that has a higher starting price. At equal (more or less) price, their alternatives have more equipment. Where there is a comparison of equipment of the Mercedes-Benz X Class cheaper with the versions of the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-MAX of more or less similar price.

2018 Mercedes-Benz X Class Double Cabin Dimensions

Its body is 5.34 meters in length, 1.92 in width and 1.82 in height. The wheelbase is 3.15 meters. The cargo surface (which is illuminated and carries a 12-volt power outlet) measures 1.59 meters deep, 1.56 meters wide and 0.47 meters high to the edge of the body. The floor can have hoops and fixing guides to properly carry the load. In addition, as an accessory, there are different types of covers to cover the box. The opening angle of the rear door is 90 degrees, but can be increased up to 180 degrees if the rear bumper is removed.

The minimum ground clearance is 202 millimeters, a distance that can be increased by 20 mm if an optional suspension is chosen. The angle of attack is 28.8 degrees (30.1 with the raised suspension), the exit angle 23.8 degrees (25.9) and the ventral angle 20.4 degrees (22 degrees with the optional suspension). The maximum tilt supported by the body is 49.8 degrees (49 degrees with the optional suspension). The maximum wading depth is 600 mm.

Mercedes-Benz X Class Double Cabin (2018)

It has coil springs on both axles (a solution that also has the Nissan and Renault). Mercedes-Benz repeated several times in the statement that the suspension of the Class X is comfortable, aspect on which we will give our opinion when we have the opportunity to drive it. It can carry up to 1042 kg and, depending on the engine and the equipment, towing between 1650 and 3500 kg.

You can already choose with two diesel engines of 2.3 liters of four cylinders . The lower power has 163 horses and a turbocharger (version X 220 d); the other has 190 hp and two turbochargers (X 250 d). In the middle of 2018 will arrive a Diesel of six cylinders in uve of 258 horses (X 350 d). In some markets there will be a 165 hp gasoline. The gearbox can be either six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic.

At the time of the launch there is a rear-wheel drive system and a fully- lockable all- wheel drive system (without central differential and therefore only usable when the vehicle is sliding) with gearbox and lockable rear differential. The version X 350 d is the only one that will be able to carry permanent all-wheel drive (it will also have reducer), and will go in combination with automatic gearshift as only option (with cams on the steering wheel to choose the different ratios). In addition, it will have a control from which various driving programs (Comfort, ECO, Sport, Manual and Offroad) can be activated, which affect the response of the engine, at the moment the gearbox selects gears and the operation of the Start & Stop.

The interior has five seats. Front seats may have electrical settings. In the rear seats there is a three-seat bench and Isofix fastenings on both sides. The seats can be covered with six types of upholstery, two of them leather. The upholstery of the ceiling can also be chosen between two shades.

Mercedes-Benz X Class Double Cabin (2018)

The appearance of the dashboard resembles that of other Mercedes-Benz models. For example, instrumentation is Class C and Class V, consisting of two traditional needle indicators complemented by a 5.4-inch color center display. In the center of the console there may be a multimedia system (COMMAND Online) consisting of an 8.4-inch screen, which can be operated from a set of controls between the seats, one of them touch. The rest of the available multimedia systems are simpler.

Some of the equipment elements available in the X-Class are already carried by other Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, such as the Lane Maintenance Assistant , traffic sign recognition , automatic emergency braking , trailer stabilization, online services  (for which there is a SIM card installed), emergency call, tire pressure control, voice command recognition, led lights, a rear parking camera or several that provide a peripheral vision of the body.

There are three lines of equipment called Pure (basic), Progressive (“designed to meet higher demands for comfort and value printing”) and Power (“ideal for an urban lifestyle”), involving changes in appearance and design in the exterior and interior.

This vehicle will be manufactured in Barcelona for Europe, Australia and South Africa. The units destined for Latin America will be built in Cordoba (Argentina).

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