2018 Mazda6 General Information

2018 Mazda6 General Information

Mazda has unveiled at the LA Auto Show an updated Mazda6 marketed since September 2016. There are design changes in the engine range and equipment available. It is a tourism available with four – door body or family.

Outside changes are given by a new front bumper, a different grille, headlights ledes new design and new wheels 17 and 19 inches. Mazda says there are now more painted on the bottom of the body surface.

2018 Mazda6 General Information

Inside, the dashboard is different, and the climate controls and the instrument panel. The seats have been redesigned; As a novelty, the front can be vented, are now wider and according to Mazda \’have been developed for the spine takes the form of S that has naturally when a person is standing. ” For interior coatings may be asked sen wood, “a Japanese tree that is used to make traditional musical instruments and furniture.”

Mazda will incorporate the range gasoline engine with 2.5 liter cylinder shutdown function (two valves of the four cylinders are closed and interrupted fuel supply when the demand for torque is low). Until the arrival of this version of the new Mazda6, Mazda only sells Spain 2.5 liter engine in the CX-5  . Predictably, in other markets and not in Spain, there will be another petrol version with a gasoline engine 2.5 – liter but supercharged by turbocharger (SKYACTIV-G 2.5T).

2018 Mazda6 General Information

The equipment can be more abundant thanks to a new camera system that provides an overhead view of the vehicle, a box Optional instrument including a 7 configurable inches, a new multimedia system associated with an 8 – inch screen with higher contrast colors, wipers windshield defrost function and a system of information projected on the windshield (HUD) more advanced.

Mazda also claims to have improved the active developer of speed (which Mazda calls MRCC) -now is able to stop the car and restart the – fly.

According to Mazda, the suspension has been recalibrated to provide better ride comfort and steering rack has been modified to improve response and touch obtained through the steering wheel. Furthermore, now says the cabin is quieter because they have used metal plates thicker in the rear wheel arches, reinforcements have been introduced in the chassis and are installed caps of thicker suspension.

This third generation of the Mazda6 are three other items. The corresponding model-year 2013 , that of  2015 and, most recently, that of  2017 .

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