2018 Jeep Cherokee Redesign, Specs and Details

2018 Jeep Cherokee Redesign, Specs and Details

The 2018 Jeep Cherokee is redesign! We see her younger than that, and yet the generation we know today was born in February 2013. It\’s because she only arrived a year later in our European markets that she seems so close to us . So the time had come for an update and a restyling of a model that is a nice success, thanks to all of its qualities that always appeal to buyers. We take stock of this restyling. 

The Jeep Cherokee takes a youthful look

The current Cherokee did not experience an easy launch, because between many delays, problems of settings and reliability of the BVA8, and especially an aesthetic not easy, nothing was won for it. We all have more or less mocked with his facies not necessarily very attractive or very Jeep. Until now the Jeep Cherokee was far from the nice but stylish side that is appreciated on the Grand Cherokee , the good face of the Renegade , the unmistakable look of the Wrangler … And even the Compass finally appeared more comely, that\’s saying!

With this restyling, the Jeep Cherokee 2018/2019 completely abandons the projectors installed on two levels to benefit from a new set of front headlamps that gives this Jeep a more refined, almost racy and especially devoid of aggression. old front. Note that Jeep does not touch the hood or the grille or even the wings since only the bumper and the front wing-shield joint are renewed. Simple, not too expensive and successful, this is a nice shot to the credit of FCA who, it is true, pampered his favorite brand of the moment.

Jeep enthusiasts will have noticed that the 2018 Jeep Cherokee will always exist in the Trailhawk model, recognizable by its black exterior hardware and matching wheels.

The rear part is also retoqueée with the arrival of a new rear shield dressed with a “protection” painted satin metal color, the rise of the police plate that leaves the bumper for the tailgate. The latter is also redesigned and loses its concave look for a curved appearance more visually solid.

Note also that the interior design of the taillights has been reviewed. New aluminum wheels are part and the design of the exhaust outlets is changed.

Little change inside the Cherokee

The cockpit evolves little and you must have the keen eye to detect changes. These relate for example to the following elements:

  • the plate of the automatic gearbox
  • the room that has USB, Jack and Auxiliary ports
  • the disappearance of shiny black plastic around the screen of the infotainment system
  • the surrounding side vents

A few details of equipment yet to be specified, perhaps new upholstery and an update of the Uconnect 8.4 Nav infotainment system could complete the evolution of the space to be traveled, but that should hardly go further.

Mechanically, the 2018 Jeep Cherokee, built on the C-Evo platform, retains its structure, its running gear, its braking system. In addition, it should finally receive the BVA9 already known with the L4 2.2 L Multijet II engine (185 and 200 hp) over the entire range. Finally, we are talking about the coming under the hood of the new Jeep Cherokee L4 2.0 L turbo petrol eTorque strong 270 hp, 400 Nm that will animate the new Wrangler .

To confirm in mid-January at the Detroit show and discover in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018.

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