2018 Hyundai Santa Fe SpyShot

2018 Hyundai Santa Fe SpyShot

Our spy photographers were ready for action, and soon discovered the prototype 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe during their winter testing procedure. The car largely camouflaged from fragments of it that look ready for production, while others are covered with a dense layer of vinyl and cloth.

The front and back of this model include the thicker layers of camo, with the only lights visible, while the roof is not concealed in any way, and even the A and B pillar. A chrome border can be seen around the Window line, which still has its protective plastic layer.

The projectors were split in two, with LED daytime running lights placed near the top, while another set of lights was placed lower on the bumper. The front grille has a fresh design and appears to be a massive part of the front of the new generation of Santa Fe.2018 Hyundai Santa Fe SpyShot

At the back of the prototype, we can see a set of lights that seem to be close to the shape that will be applied in production. This can be determined because they have a visible graphic pattern, rather than the “usual” simplified rear lights that are sometimes set on mules or prototypes to provide basic safety without relying on style.

Next generation Hyundai Santa Fe comes with a large body, and the car should offer ample interior space. The South Korean manufacturer has significantly improved the quality of its cabin over the years, and the Santa Fe is supposed to get better interior.

The platform of this model will also be improved, and the same will happen with the range of motorizations. A hybrid version of the Santa Fe should not be excluded in the future, as this SUV is large enough to accommodate a set of batteries without a dramatic change.

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