2018 BMW M5

2018 BMW M5 Specs and Details

The M5 has a petrol engine with 600 hp and, therefore, it is the most powerful and best-featured version of the Series 5 2017range .

Initially it can be acquired for 158,845 euros in a limited edition to 400 units denominated «First Edition». These first units are distinguished from the conventional M5 (which BMW has not provided the price for the moment) because they include various elements of the personalization program “Individual”: exterior paint “Frozen Dark Red Metallic”, moldings, grille, exhaust in glossy black color and “Smoke White” leather seats with red stitching.

Based on the price of the ‘First Edition’ version, the M5 is more expensive than a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC (146 125 €) or an Audi RS 7 Sportback performance (151 060 €), two of its rivals direct.

From the previous generation, the fifth , the new M5 retains the type of engine – eight-cylinder in uve with  supercharging – but not the gearbox – which is still automatic but with eight ratios instead of seven and with a  torque converter  as coupling element instead of two clutches. The changes that BMW has made in the engine of this M5 are a higher injection pressure, a new supercharging system, new lubrication systems, cooling and a lighter exhaust system that ‘further enhances the M sound\’ .

2018 BMW M5

The 2018 BMW M5 , like the Mercedes-AMG E 63, has a total drive system (M xDrive) that has replaced the rear-wheel drive. The traction system consists of a central disc clutch that distributes power variably between the two axles and an active differential that allows to distribute the force of the engine between the two rear wheels.

When the engine is started, the traction system is always on all four wheels (4WD mode) and the stability control is active. In addition, it is possible to connect the 4WD Sport mode which gives more preponderance to the rear axle when transmitting the power to the ground and, according to BMW, allows a greater slippage of the rear wheels. There is a mode of operation in which the front axle can be disconnected (to transmit the power only to the rear wheels, according to BMW “it achieves the same exciting experience already offered by previous generations of BMW M5”) and stability control.

The 2018 BMW M5 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 s, the same figure as a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S of 612 (and one tenth less than the E 63 AMG of 571 hp) and three tenths faster than an Audi RS 6 Avant Performance  of 605 hp. The BMW weighs 1930 kg, making it lighter than its rivals, especially than the Audi, which exceeds two tons. The M5 is only available with four-door bodywork; RS 6 only with a family type; the E 63 AMG with both. The roof of the M5 is made of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber.

2018 BMW M5

The previous M5, in its variant of 600 CV, took 3.9 seconds in the same measurement. BMW says that the increased performance of this new M5 is due more to the influence of the total drive system and the gearbox, than to changes in the engine. The average approved consumption has worsened, since it has gone from 9.9 l / 100 km in the M5 2013 to 10.5 l / 100 km. The maximum speed of the series is 250 km / h and, if the M Driver package is installed, it is 305 km / h.

The gearbox – called M Steptronic – has three automatic operating programs. You can also manually select the gears from a few cams behind the steering wheel. In the driving mode S, you can lower several gears at the same time and do not switch to an upper gear automatically.

As in the previous model, there are two custom programs (M1 and M2) that allow the adjustment of the motor response (there are three operating programs) and steering, gear shift, variable hardness (which has three programs Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus), the address or the information that appears projected on the windshield. These customized programs are configured through the central screen of the dashboard and are activated during the ride by pressing the corresponding red controls on the steering wheel.

At the center of the instrumentation is the information on the selected gear, the operating mode of the drive system, the suspension setting and whether some of the custom settings (M1 or M2) are activated. In the information system  projected on the windshield  (covering a larger area than in the previous model) also some of these data appear.

2018 BMW M5

The seats are upholstered in leather (which BMW calls Merino), have heating and electrical regulations (and memory for the driver). One of the regulations allows to vary the width of the backrest. Optionally there are seats that give more support to the upper back and have the M logo illuminated.

The tires of the front axle are of measures 275/40 R 19 and those of the rear about 285/40 R19. The front wheels are 9.5 inches wide and the rear 10.5 inches. Optionally there are 20-inch wheels, with 275/35 front tires and 285/35 rear tires. Both with 19-inch and 20-inch tires, the tires are set to roll at 305 km / h.

The brakes are of the composite type, ie the part that is attached to the hub of the wheel is aluminum and the friction rings are made of cast iron (and are ventilated and perforated). The front calipers are fixed with six pistons, the rear ones are floating and of a single piston. This brakes kit is painted blue. In option there are brakes of carboceramic material, with gold pliers, also of six pistons the front ones and one the later ones. They suppose a saving of 23 kg.

BMW launched the first M5 in 1984.

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