2018 Bentley Continental GT Coupe Review, Specs and Details

2018 Bentley Continental GT Coupe Review, Specs and Details

2018 Bentley Continental GT Coupe –  This is the third generation Continental GT, a coupe with two doors and four seats. It measures 4.81 meters in length, 1.95 m in width and 1.41 m in height. It has a twin -cylinder petrol engine with twelve cylinders placed in W and 6.0 liters of displacement that produces a maximum power of 635 CV. The gearshift is automatic dual-clutch and eight-speed and four-wheel drive system. One of its alternatives is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé .

The body is 1 mm shorter, 10 mm wider and 1 mm higher than the Bentley Continental GT still in force . The wheelbase , however, grows significantly: 10.5 centimeters. Thanks to this, Bentley has been able to place the engine in a position closer to the center of the longitudinal axis of the car, in order to balance the distribution of masses between both wheel axles. Now this deal is 55/45 instead of 58/42 (front axle / rear axle).

2018 Bentley Continental GT Coupe Review, Specs and Details

The dual clutch gearbox and eight ratios replaces the torque converter and the same number of speeds. It has a Launch Control function with which it is possible to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and a system that uncouples it from the engine to reduce the loss of speed when the accelerator is not pressed (inertia) . The average fuel consumption of the Continental GT 2018 is 12.2 l / 100 km (14.1 l / 100 km in the current model). The maximum speed, 333 km / h, is reached in the sixth. The two remaining gears are to cause the engine to rotate at a slower speed when driving on highways.

The all-wheel drive system sends most of the engine power to the rear wheels and, when it detects possible traction losses, deflects a part of it towards the front. This is a major difference from the second-generation Continental GT, whose full-drive system makes a fixed 40/60 split (front / rear).

Another important innovation is the presence of an active stabilizer bars actuated by electromechanical components operating at 48 volts (on both wheel axles). This technology is not new in the Volkswagen Group, as it already has the Audi SQ7 TDI and Bentley Bentayga . With this system, the car can quickly modify the stiffness of the bars and thereby alter the body balance and comfort according to different parameters.

The suspension arms are made of aluminum and the springs are pneumatic. They have three air chambers instead of one and with the Comfort driving mode, the air volume in these chambers is 60% higher than in the previous model, which provides a greater degree of comfort when absorbing the asphalt potholes.

There are four driving modes. The aforementioned Comfort and three more: Sport, Bentley and Custom. The Bentley mode is a configuration that is halfway between Comfort and Sport. The Custom mode is the one that the driver can configure to his liking. The modes affect the suspension response, the stabilizer bars, the engine and the gearshift.

For the interior, Bentley puts at the customer\’s disposal a very extensive range of coating materials to decorate it to your liking. The all-digital instrumentation and the multimedia system are important innovations. The latter is compatible with Apple CarPlay (there is no mention in the press release to Android Auto) and is managed by a touch screen of 12.3 inches. The screen forms part of one of the three faces of a rotating piece. The driver can rotate the piece (electrically) to change the face that show: said screen, three indicators needle (a clock, a compass and a timer;) or decorative piece wood console.

2018 Bentley Continental GT Coupe Review, Specs and Details

Bentley makes no mention of whether the space for occupants has changed. Yes it gives the volume data of trunk, 358 liters, the same as the Continental GT it replaces. It also says that the glazing is better and that it reduces 9 dB the intensity of the noise that reaches the interior. Three audio systems are available, one of 10 loudspeakers, one of 16 by Bang & Olufsen and one by 18 by Naim.

The headlights are of type led matrix (MatrixLED). This technology allows groups of LEDs to be controlled individually to achieve maximum illumination without dazzling other road users. Driving support systems are available, such as the one that keeps the vehicle in the lane, which recognizes the traffic signals , which warns of the presence of vehicles in the blind spot of the mirrors and which activates the brakes in case of to detect the risk of collision with another vehicle or a pedestrian.

The front brake discs have a diameter of 420 mm and the rear wheels 380. The standard tires measure 21 inches in diameter (with 265/40 front tires and 305/35 rear tires). Optionally you can order some 22 (with 275/35 tires in front and 315/30 behind).

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