2017 Suzuki Swift Specs adn Details

2017 Suzuki Swift Specs adn Details

The new Suzuki Swift replaces the model that has been marketed since the end of 2010. They change the proportions of the body (which is five doors), is much lighter, has a new engine and more equipment. The engines are petrol, 90 and 111 horsepower, and both can be associated with a small hybrid system. It is also possible to buy a Swift with a full-traction system or with an automatic gearbox.

The most affordable version, with 90 horsepower, front wheel drive and manual transmission, costs € 13,250. The Suzuki Swift measures 3.84 meters in length, so it is somewhat smaller than most of its alternatives by approach and price. Of these, for example, a Nissan Micra -4.00 m- with an equivalent engine is much more expensive (  16,100 euros), a  Škoda Fabia -3,99 m- less (11,610 euros) and a  Toyota Yaris  -3.95 meters – has a similar price (13 100 euros).

By size it can also be an alternative to smaller vehicles like the Mitsubishi Space Star – but this is much less suitable for driving on highways – and also to more basic and less equipped ones, such as the Ford KA .

2017 Suzuki Swift Specs adn Details

 It is a simple car in several aspects: the presentation is sober and its driving requires a minimum effort of the driver because all the controls work very smoothly and there are hardly any elements that distract your attention. By size, within the Suzuki range is located between the  Ignis  (3.70 meters) and the  Baleno  (4.00 meters), with which shares platform .

In the cabin abound hard plastics of appearance little showy but of solid and lasting appearance. The adjustments of the pieces are good, especially in the most visible parts. Suzuki makes the interior look more colorful with glossy plastic moldings that can be painted in the color of the body. A SEAT Ibiza is a car with an interior made more carefully by the detail (also worth more money), but equally well-ordered and ergonomic, and a Renault Clio can be more colorful but everything has a tighter feel and no controls Have such a logical order. The touch screen and the associated multimedia system, which is standard, is at the level of the rest of the car: it fulfills its function as the best,

The interior is well used; There is enough room to comfortably travel four tall people or five if the backs are small. The trunk has 265 liters of capacity, which is 54 more than the previous model. Compared to its alternatives is rather small although, from  this list of models ordered decreasingly by volume of trunk , only the smaller models to Swift have a smaller trunk and all that exceed it are around 10 or 15 cm longer.

You can choose with two gasoline engines. There is a 1.2-liter and four-cylinder 90-horsepower and a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder  turbocharged  and 111-horsepower. The first (whose code is K12C) was already released in Swift in 2014, but with 94 horses. The 1.0-liter engine is the same as the Baleno and  S-Cross . A version 1.2 with all-wheel drive (with a viscous couplingdifferential  ) is available, making it one of the few models among its competitors to offer this option (in addition to the  Fiat Panda Cross  and the Suzuki Ignis, which are higher, or The  Audi S1 , which is much more expensive and powerful). In October 2017, Suzuki will launch the Sport version, with the engine of 1, 4 liters supercharged 140 hp that already used in the Vitara . The 1.2-liter engine can be either a five-speed manual or a continuous- speed automatic  .

2017 Suzuki Swift Specs adn Details

Suzuki offers in option for both motors a device called SHVS (acronym of Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki), that consists of an electric motor that is in charge of assisting to the gasoline during the acceleration phases, to start it after the short stops and that Also acts as a generator to recover energy during braking (which is stored in an additional lithium-ion battery). It does not serve to increase the benefits, but to reduce the consumption. The SHVS system is also available in Ignis and Baleno. In addition to slightly increasing the pleasure of driving,

We have tested in depth a Swift 1.2 SHVS and we have found remarkable both its smoothness of general operation and consumption, which is very low.

Suzuki offers two levels of equipment: GLE and GLX. Both are standard features such as 16-inch alloy wheels (with identical design but painted in the GLE and polished in the GLX), automatic lighting of lights or heated front seats; In the most basic, pilots have filament bulbs and in the upper, ledes. The rear view camera is standard on both and in the GLX is added the navigator, an additional display in the instrumentation, electrically folding mirrors, led lights for all functions and automatic climate control in substitution of air conditioning, among others .

The SHVS hybrid system and the GLX equipment level are necessarily associated. The price difference between a Swift with any of the two engines without the SHVS system and the equivalent version with it is 2500 euros .

2017 Suzuki Swift Specs adn Details

Safety equipment is more abundant in the GLX level: has a system of emergency braking (which acts between 15 and 140 km / h),  alert involuntary change lanes , automatic connection beam and  active developer of speed  that Can be adjusted in three levels of distance from the previous vehicle.

The weight of the Swift is low. For example, with the 90 horsepower engine and manual gearshift it weighs 915 kg with driver and liquids, which is a data of a smaller car. The Mitsubishi Space Star is also a lightweight vehicle (920 kg with the 80 hp engine) and a Ford KA , which is somewhat larger than the Swift, weighs 1084 kg.

We have used our  insurance comparator  to calculate an all-inclusive, no-obligation policy for a Swift 1.2 GLX SHVS. The taker is a 25-year-old single man who lives in Madrid, parked on the street and performs about 10 000 km annually. He has been in the car for 3 years and has never had any accidents. Qualitas Auto is the insurance company that offers both the best price (549 euros) and the best relation between quality and price (8.19 out of 10).

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