2017 Renault Koleos Specs and Details

2017 Renault Koleos Specs and Details

It is an off-road 4.67 meters in length. It is an alternative to models such as the  Honda CR-V , the  Mitsubishi Outlander , the  Mazda CX-5 , the  Nissan X-Trail  (with which it shares many mechanical and structural elements) or the  Toyota RAV4 . By size, not by price, other rivals can be the Audi Q5 or Mercedes-Benz GLC .

It is on sale from 28 930 euros with diesel engine of 131 horses. If we look for off-road vehicles between 4.6 and 4.75 meters in length, with diesel engine between 120 and 140 horses, there are a few models less expensive, although the equipment of the Renault Koleos is more abundant.

Renault serves only five seats, unlike some of its alternatives, such as the Nissan or Mitsubishi mentioned above, which have seven-seat versions. The passenger compartment is broad in all measurements if the sunroof is discarded (this element loses some height in the front seats).

The trunk is rather small for the size of the body: it has 498 liters (according to the VDA standard, which is how you measure the trunk of all cars in the database of km77.com). It is bigger than most rivals, such as the Honda CR-V (589 l), the Nissan X-Trail (550 l), the Mitsubishi Outlander (550 l) or the Toyota RAV4 (which reaches a maximum of 547 l depending on the version).

2017 Renault Koleos Specs and Details

It can be chosen with two diesel engines, 131 and 177 hp. The lowest power only in combination with front-wheel drive and manual transmission. The 177 horsepower can carry all-wheel drive (then the change can be manual or automatic) or front-wheel drive (in this case, the change is manual).

The Diesel version of 131 horses has seemed more than enough to move with agility for all types of tracks (even more if they do not have large slopes) and its consumption is low. The extra power of the 177 horsepower is not very noticeable under normal conditions, but we do see that it spends more (until we do not test in depth we will not have more precise data).

If you are going to drive on unpaved roads you will find more appropriate the 177 hp. And it is for two reasons: it can carry total traction which implies that the ground clearance is 210 mm, compared to 190 mm of the front-wheel drive versions (we do not know at the moment what this gain is). The Renault Koleos can not have by now (Renault will introduce later) a downhill control on slopes.

I have driven the Renault Koleos with 19-inch wheels (the largest possible) on Finland\’s roads, possibly having a rougher surface than normal in Spain. It has seemed to me that the rolling noise, as well as the roughness that reaches the occupants, are higher than normal. When we prove it by the tracks that are part of our usual tours we can give more precise information, but much has to improve the Koleos to be as quiet as a Peugeot 5008 or a Škoda Kodiaq. Apart from the above, the Renault Koleos has seemed to me to be satisfactory from the dynamic point of view

2017 Renault Koleos Specs and Details
The coating materials of the less expensive versions are noticed simple, although it disguises a little the design, which is modern. The more equipped Koleos present details of greater quality (an example is the upholstery of the seats of the versions Initiale Paris).

The equipment, although abundant, has few things that have not already been seen in other recent models of the brand. It has no four-wheel steering, which is available in the Espace and in the Talisman .

Other elements available include the  inadvertent lane change alert , a traffic signal recognition system  , a  blind spot detector in the mirrors , a system that  automatically switches between short and long beam  and a parking system Semi-automatic (the system moves the steering wheel in the parking maneuver, while the driver regulates the speed with the pedals). The headlamps can be led (for all lighting functions and Renault calls “Pure Vision LED” with a system that automatically locks the beam so as not to dazzle other road users). Other elements present in the list of options are a screen of 8,

The previous Renault Koleos went on sale in 2008 ( more information ) and stopped marketed in July 2015. During this time received updates in 2012 and in 2014.

The platform on which the Koleos is made is what Renault and Nissan call CMF C / D and they use in several of their vehicles like the Renault Espace , the Kadjar  or the X-Trail.

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