2017 Civic Type R Sedan Spy Shots

2017 Civic Type R Sedan Spy Shots

The test mule that was originally supposed to preview the American market Honda Civic Type R sedan has just been spied in what we believe to be sunny Spain and it is starting a lot of controversies.

With good weather year-round, the country is preferred by many automakers as a prototype testing location. However, It is a weird action coming from the Japanese brand because initial reports were indicating that the model will be aimed towards the United States market exclusively so finding it on the Old Continent instead probably means that it will also be launched here, because it is quite uncommon for a US-spec vehicle to be developed here. No matter what it is, you may want to check out the video posted below as you may find it in your local Honda dealership in the future.


Honda has already revealed a brand new 2016 Civic sedan. It’s equipped with the first VTEC Turbo engine of any Honda sold in North America. However, it’s just a 1.5-liter, not the full-fat 2-liter used by the Type R.

This test mule is made up of several different parts, including headlights from Acura, a sedan body and the back end of a hatchback. But the exhaust is the most distinctive feature of all, featuring three large mufflers in the middle, which is a setup made famous by the Ferrari 458 Italia.

2017 Civic Type R Sedan Spy Shots

Ferrari’s old supercar has one big pipe in the middle while Honda has two larger ones on the sides. So it’s unlikely Maranello will sue Honda just to get back at them for the NSX.

In several regards, the US-spec Civic is better than the European model, especially crash safety, perceived quality and tech features. So a unified model sold globally would be a great idea.

Of course, the real talking point here is what’s connected to that exhaust system. A single turbocharger will help the 2-liter VTEC deliver over 300 horsepower. When you consider the Civic Si only has 200 and a bit horsepower to compete with the Focus ST, the advantages of a turbo engine become obvious.

Wider tracks, superior brakes and maybe even adaptive suspension will be installed on this hot machine. Even though America has plenty of cheap Mustangs and Camaros, we’re confident Honda’s loyal fans will buy the Type R in bulk.

source : inautonews | autoevolution

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