2017 Acura NSX Price ($156,000-$205,000)

2017 Acura NSX Price ($156,000-$205,000)

How much is 2017 Acura NSX Price? Acura simply dropped some nasty, sweaty, hot details on pricing for the brand new 2017 NSX. k, maybe that’s slightly of an exaggeration, but listed below are some numbers and dates for those of you looking to get some NSX-iness.

Back in October, we guessed that the hybrid supercar would begin at around the $170,000 price. We weren\’t that a long way off – it begins at $156,000, and tops out around $205,000. but now that we have now a pretty good experience of what Acura thinks this automobile is price, and we all know what they benchmarked the NSX in opposition to, we will evaluate apples to apples.

Back to the benchmarked cars. Acura says the NSX will compete with the Audi R8, and was developed to compete with the now-superseded 458 Italia. Let\’s start with the 2017 R8 V10 Plus – pricing hasn\’t been released, and a direct Euro-to-USD conversion isn\’t the whole story, but it starts at the equivalent of $179,000 in Europe. For that, the R8 V10 Plus provides 610 horsepower, a seven-speed DCT, and a 3.2-second sprint to 60 mph. The 458\’s successor, the 488 GTB, should be more expensive than the $243,000 the old model started at, and provides 661 hp, a seven-speed dual-clutch, and a 0-60 time of around three seconds (official numbers haven\’t been released for acceleration).

For less money than either of these cars, the NSX delivers … less. Total system output is 573 hp. It has a slight edge in gear count, at nine speeds, and should beat the R8 to 60 mph. But there\’s no V10, let alone Ferrari\’s feral turbocharged V8. It\’ll be up to buyers to determine if the compromises involved are worth a few thousand dollars in savings, if no options are selected.

It should also be noted that Acura describes this as its first “built-to-order” vehicle, but the limited external color options and interior schemes don\’t appear to be much different than the extent to which you can customize an Accord. The configurator goes live on February 25th, if you want to see for yourself.

Lastly, in what now seems to be a necessary part of a new high-end car launch, Acura will auction off VIN 001, the first production NSX, at Barrett-Jackson in January. All proceeds from that auction will benefit two charities: the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground.

Who gets the first one?

Fortunately, Acura has found a very equitable solution to the problem. The very first production-ready 2017 Acura NSX, VIN 001, will not be offered to either celebrity but will instead head to the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, in January. Proceeds from the sale will benefit children\’s charities. That makes the NSX the first new Acura vehicle to be sold at a charity auction.

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