2016 yamaha r6 rumors, What's new for Yamaha R6

2016 yamaha r6 rumors, What’s new for Yamaha R6

rumors about the presence of yamaha r6 getting excited, how is 2016 yamaha r6 rumors? Yamaha impressed people last year by presenting a new version of its hypersportive YZF-R1. While superbike was revised from A to Z, both aesthetically and technically, it could be expected that the supersport model of the Japanese manufacturer as it undergoes a facelift in depth.

Unfortunately, the lovers of sport 600 cm3 will take their troubles patiently because the YZF-R6 is not a priority for the brand. Jeff Turner, spokesman for Yamaha in theUnited Kingdom has informed the British newspaper Motorcycle News that there would be no new R6 for 2016 and that the current model would know no change.

2016 yamaha r6 rumors, What's new for Yamaha R6

It must be said that the current model has hardly changed since 2010 and that rumors are spreading for several years now.

Why does Yamaha he develops nor its supersport? The reason is on the side of the development cost of such a machine which is nearly identical to that of a superbike 1,000 cm3. However, it is then difficult to propose a 600 and 1000 at the same rate, then being lower margins for brands. We must also add to that the general disinterest around this type of machine. A supersport model indeed rarely exceed the 200 units sold in the year in France … not enough to justify the financial investment required for its renewal.

Availability / Price

  • Yamaha YZF-R6 2015
  • Colours: Race Blu, matt gray
  • Price: € 12,999


2016 yamaha r6 rumors : No new Yamaha R6 2016

In 2008, Yamaha brought to market a racing, sharp, accurate and competitive from the outset in the various national and international championships. Of course, you\’ll surely we already bypassed, we talk about the very excellent Yamaha YZF-R6.

2016 yamaha r6 rumors, What's new for Yamaha R6

Eight years later, she is still competitive but it is time, from a commercial point of view as from a technological point of view to change the little hyperactive brand with the three tuning forks. Especially since the Japanese company has released a reference for hypersportive with very excellent R1. So there would be much to hope for a new R6 on a similar basis and why not, as some rumors announced that cuberait 675 cm3.This would certainly be a great way to compete with the very competitive TriumphDaytona.

But sorry, this little wonder will not see the day, not in 2016 at least. This is indeed what has announced Jeff Turner, spokesperson for the brand Yamaha UK, our colleagues MCN … It was to announce that the 2016 version of the R6 is identical to the previous ( without changes or change). The British spokesman later justified his words by explaining notably the development of the supersport class (600cm3) financially represents the same costs as that of the upper class. Given the period of crisis, so it would not be the right time to think about the future R6.

Well know that, crisis or no, the R6 is expected by many bikers!

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