2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign and News

2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign and News 2
2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign and News
– The launch of the newly styled Toyota Tundra has got fans of its little brother excited to finally see some changes. Even though there probably won’t be too many exterior changes, we think the interior is ripe for a complete make over. One small announcement gives us some hope that the upcoming 2016 Toyota Tacoma might be something pretty special. Toyota’s excellent PR network recently tipped us off that the Baja California facility that assembles Tacomas is adding a third (and final) shift to its operations. The expansion of capacity is expected to take until Q2 of 2015 to complete. That will be just before the model year 2016 Tacoma is announced. The move adds 300 new jobs to the site. Mike Bafan, TMMBC president was quoted as saying, “Moving to three shifts allows us to fully utilize capacity and meet customer demand.”

Details on 2016 Tacoma Secret

Our contacts at Toyota have not said anything to us about the 2016 Tacoma, but pretty much every truck expert is convinced the next model year of the Taco will at least have a new transmission, upgraded interior audio and Nav options, and maybe a new engine. The current six cylinder used in the Tacoma has roughly the same horsepower and torque that the new 2.0-liter turbo in the Lexus NX does. The 2.0 turbo is dramatically more fuel efficient when coupled to a 6-speed automatic

2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign and News



Exterior looks of 2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign is much more muscular and imposing. It has a sense of luxury and glamour regarding its outer design which previous models were missing. It would be built of a new platform, known as Kaizen. Overall body weight would certainly be reduced to improve on-road performance and fuel economy. Exterior looks would be more glamorous than you would normally expect from a pick-up truck.

2016 Toyota Tacoma would be a bit larger in length with a longer wheel base. As far information released by the company there would be three body structure designs, Access Cab, Double Cab and Double Cab long bed. Front portion would also be a bit modified with a new grille and new rectangular headlights. More information regarding exterior design would be released by the Japanese manufacturers in due course of time. 2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign and News


2016 Toyota Tacoma would have a much larger cabin space with more passenger as well as cargo capacity. It would also be technically advanced on the interior. The central panel would have a LCD display for driver’s information. The driver-user interface has also been improved. It would supposedly also come with an improved infotainment and navigation system. Safety features would be pretty advanced but no final details have been released regarding exact safety details. Other than these features there would also be power adjustable seats (multi way), heated seats, heated steering wheels, etc. Overall interior would have a much more luxurious feel than previous models. ( 2016toyotatacoma.com) 2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign and News

ooks-wise, the test mule is essentially a mock-up of the current Tacoma. Camouflage is covering a few key items like the center stack, while test computers and wiring are strapped throughout the truck. Although the mule shown appears to be equipped with the six-speed manual transmission, there’s talk the automaker may drop the four- and five-speed automatics in favor of a six-speed automatic like the one in the 2014 Toyota Tundra.Toyota hasn’t revealed anything about the new pickup, but more rumors suggest the regular cab model will be scrapped from the lineup so that the automaker can focus on further improving the double cab model, which is the model that spy photographers caught testing out in the desert. As far as size goes, the tester doesn’t look any bigger or smaller, hinting that it’ll keep the same bones as the current model. Word is that the Tacoma will use a tweaked version of the current truck’s frame.The same can’t be said for its underbody, though. Spy photographers were able to see underneath the truck, revealing a rerouted exhaust snaking around certain modified parts. The 2016 Toyota Tacoma will likely be revealed sometime next year. Until then, take a close look at the photos to see if you can spot certain differences.

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