2016 Kia Soul Specs, Price & test

actually this is the second generation model was originally launched in 2008. It is a kind of small SUV with certain features like wagon , the design is truly as few things we found on the market, giving it a strong identity.

With Soul, Kia wants to reach the market for small SUVs, it is both fashionable. So as competition found some versions of Honda HR-V , Suzuki Vitara and Chevrolet Trax but as we shall see, will hit more fully to Renault Duster who until now held the title of the SUV market more accessible.

Price: $ 238.900 to $ 296.100 pesos

kia soul

technical and mechanical characteristics

Speaking a little more versions with initiating sales this 2016 Kia Soul, find two in the bottom of a four – cylinder engine 1.6L with 122 horses and 112 lb.-ft. which differ in the transmission that can be manually or -both automatic six changes , while the top is the top version and that we had to try thefour – cylinder engine but the 2.0 – liter that delivers a power of 150 hp and torque of 141 lb-ft , which only is available with six – speed automatic transmission . Traction is sent only to the front axle.

One of the most important issues such vehicles for family use should be safety and apparently the Korean brand wants to project that their products meet the highest standards . Thus, there are six airbags, disc brakes on all four wheels with ABS, hill start assistant, stability control, rear emergency lights and system monitoring tire pressure on all versions . Definitely something unprecedented then remember that other competing products such as Honda HR-V and Renault Duster only offer two front airbags even in its most equipped versions both Chevrolet Trax and Mazda CX-3 offer it but in versions more than 330 thousand pesos.


Doors are appreciated in materials of very good quality that could well belong to higher segments , plus assembly feels great. We found things like leather – wrapped steering wheel for this version still gives you more feeling of quality and attention to detail.

A strong letter are playing with this 2016 KIA Soul is certainly to give you a lot for your money so in this top version amenities found in other products have to spend $ 300,000 pesos for. As an example , we find the reverse camera, proximity sensors in the rear, adjustable driver \’s seat height adjustable steering wheel height and depth, automatic lights , tinted windows, electrically folding mirrors, automatic air conditioning area , audio controls on the steering wheel, cruise control, audio system with 6 speakers with USB input, Auxiliary and Bluetooth , intelligent access key and engine start and trip computer.

Perhaps what is a little out of tune the size of the screen to the center of the board is 4.3 “for all versions because today we find larger screens in similar products.

One detail that caught our attention and we really liked is the interior lighting called Mood Lamp with which you can make the colored lights flash to the beat of the music or stay the same color previously selected by the user.

The rear seats have a very respectable for vehicle size for both legs to the head space, the latter being extraordinarily good roof overhead.

The trunk has a volumetric capacity of 685 liters with the seats in place, but can be extended to an impressive 1.735 liters abatiéndolos , thanks largely to the ceiling height that is kept straight until it ends the car.


We tried this Soul 2016 in all kinds of situations because we use it for a week as our personal transportation.This is normal situations, heavy traffic and even road the weekend.

We found that the suspension is very hard , we believe that the wheels 18 “must stop version of this largely and that the management really does not communicate much of what happens with the front wheels. Of course, we find ways of management for direction -el√©ctricamente asistida- ranging from Comfort, Normal to Sport in which changes resistance to turning the steering wheel.

The transmission does its job flawlessly, the transitions between each relationship are very soft and if so requerimos- also can make the changes manually with the same lever.

Speaking of fuel, the brand promises a combined fuel economy of 15.1 kilometers per liter for the two – liter and 14.6 for 1,600. To us he not gave us what we promised as soon exceed 11 kilometers per liter in a combined cycle . The problem comes with steep slopes where quite settles, even with the larger engine, causing the need to maintain a high speed of the motor. We will later test the engine 1.6.

The official death acceleration at sea level is 8.7seg to 100 km / h, which positions in the segment average. It is prudent to mention that in the market for small SUVs this trend is a rather slow throttle response.


We believe that the KIA Soul 2016 is a very good proposal for the market for small SUVs in Mexico, we have much equipment, large interior space, an impressive five – year warranty or 100,000 kilometers from defense to defense and powertrain seven years or 150,000 kilometers, in addition to an excellent level of security that are backed by the five – star rating in the NHTSA tests in the United States.

Probably will not go to make a lot of noise to products like Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V in its higher versions but the bottom we find reasons why not say it will be the best in the segment.

Why do we say this? Prices KIA Soul 2016 begins at $ 238.900 pesos for version 1.6 manual followed by the 1.6 with automatic transmission with a price of $ 256.900 pesos and to finish in the most equipped and we tried in this case it is the 2.0 – liter engine and a price of $ 296.100 pesos.

What do you think this new light SUV option?

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