2016 Infiniti Q50 Specs, Engine, Consumption

2016 Infiniti Q50 Specs, Engine, Consumption

The Infiniti Q50 undergoes its first facelift, 2016 Infiniti Q50. The Japanese sedan adds to its range, among other innovations, a new gasoline engine 3.0 V6 biturbo.

Fresh air comes to the range of Infiniti Q50 . There are various fronts on which renews theJapanese saloon , but perhaps the most important is found in the mechanical section of gasoline. A known Diesel and hybrid versions, the Infiniti Q50 opens two engines : one, a drive of four-cylinder, 2.0-liter, supercharged , with 208 bhp power and 35.7 Nm of torque;the other a twin-turbo V6 3.0 in steps of 300 hp and 40.8 Nm and 400 hp and 48.4 mkg.

2016 Infiniti Q50 Specs, Engine, Consumption

All engines are associated with a seven-speed automatic transmission and can optionally incorporate AWD .

Infiniti speaks of an improvement in the consumption figures of the new Infiniti Q50, although still not been revealed. Yes highlighted other news : highlights the new direction ‘Direct Adaptive Steering’ , much more informative than the previous one and with two selectable modes available in the ‘Drive Mode Selector’ . Suspensions, stabilizer bars, wheels and tailpipes have also been changes.

2016 Infiniti Q50 Specs, Engine, Consumption


Two cars Infiniti sold in these moments have been measured in actual consumptionĀ . The one closest fuel consumption Real to fuel consumption approved is the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid , with 364 hp, with a deviation of 20.3 percent unfavorable. On the opposite side, the car Infiniti which is separated more in actual fuel consumption, approving the brand is the Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170 hp, an increase of 38.8 percent . The average actual consumption obtained by the Railway Technical Centre against fuel approved by the brand is the 29.5 percent higher than declared by Infiniti .

Actual consumption Infiniti Q50

Difference% real consumption and approved

Approved Fuel consumption l / 100 km

Highway actual consumption l / 100 km

Infiniti Q50 364 GT Hybrid 3.5 AWD Aut.




Infiniti Q50 Sport GT Aut 170 2.2d.




* Consumption to October 20

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