2016 Ford S-Max Review, Great Family Car to Drive

2016 Ford S-Max Review, Great Family Car to Drive

2016 Ford S-Max Review, TEST. Low or elevated MPV wagon? Long before the new Renault Espace, the first Ford S-Max 2006 had achieved the synthesis. The new version offers functionality, roominess, dynamism and driving pleasure.

2016 Ford S-Max Review, Great Family Car to Drive
2016 Ford S-Max Review

2016 Ford S-Max Review

Ford had pioneered in 2006, combining the dynamism and the fluid lines of a break with the functionality of a minivan. Long before the current Renault Espace. And, behold, Ford offers us a new version, which wants more refined and effective. On the program: combine family life and the pleasure of driving. Rude challenge.

Slender and dynamic

Ford says the lines are completely new. Really ? Then why have redesigned vehicle that looks at great cost as the previous? Even a trained eye will have trouble distinguishing this second S-Max first. Apart from the grille copied Aston Martin! Incomprehensible. We are also not convinced by the arguments and Ford believe that many parts of the former were recovered … Moreover, the wheelbase is unchanged 2.85 meters. But this is not a criticism. The lines remain valid, even with a little less flashy than before. Except the dummy air inlets on both sides of the front panel. An S-Max is impressive. He sees himself, and obviously the fans appreciate the aesthetics of the largest raised break.

Inside, it is also flattering. And the board of unprecedented edge becomes more opulent than the last, with less toc plastics. The build quality seems generally neat, but some exasperated squeaks, which is often the case on a minivan that makes sound box. The driving position is good, the seats properly maintain the back in corners. But we deplore the black atmosphere gloomy.

2016 Ford S-Max Review, Great Family Car to Drive

Ford S-Max Image © N. Miller

Roominess, functionality

The equipment is provided, as always with Ford, with frivolous gadgets and also a very good overall audio Sony \’premium\’ (optional). Unfortunately, ergonomics leaves a bit to be desired and, amid a welter of indicators such as the wacky drive speed limit signs, it lacks the display in much the speed at which you drive in front of the numbers eyes, indispensable for the all-time radar! It is present on a single Focus. But here we must be content with the traditional circular counter, very readable.

Board computer is not practical either with its dropdown menu and its submenus. Multiple security aids annoy, even if they are fortunately less intrusive than on the Mondeo sedan. We can also put in “off” mode. But the active braking, pretty brutal and untimely, restarts automatically each restart.

Livability, she is very generous, as is accessibility. Ford also studied the functionality with sliding rear seats. Convenient. The third row of seats fades seamlessly into the boot floor, retaining a large bunker. It was therefore all the benefits of true MPV. Visibility is good, but the thick amounts front interfere. There are also some reflections of the dashboard in the windshield at night. A small nuisance compared to … outdoor lighting, very powerful, making the effective night driving.

2016 Ford S-Max Review, Great Family Car to Drive

Ford S-Max Image © N. Miller

Very efficient transmission

The diesel engine of 150 horsepower, which also officiates at the conclusion of cooperation agreements under the bonnet of the Citroen, Peugeot, DS, is full of qualities. But the high weight limit singularly low-rpm performance. Said performance is therefore arbitrary. But this mechanism is relayed by a formidable automatic dual clutch transmission “Powershift” Getrag of German origin, the ultimate in technology, such as Volkswagen. A wonder, as the gear shifts are fast and fluid.

If we place the lever to position “S” (Sport), just a flick brake before a turn, and presto, the transmission downshifts itself. Perfect. Too bad, at low speed, a small delay time is too noticeable. But this box generates a real driving pleasure. With consumption contained for such a big machine: 8.6 liters per hundred. No special sobriety, but nothing insurmountable either. I wonder how much is trans oil change with this car.

This vehicle weight (1.7 tonnes) is not the same agility as a compact sedan. But almost. The S-Max is safe, accurate, precise. An excellent chassis. Comfort, although strong, remains a good level. One is never shaken. Only criticism: excessive turning radius, which makes tedious maneuvering in car parks. But the S-Max holds a very pleasant drive. It\’s not just the family that is comfortable. The driver experiences a lot of pleasure to drive this minivan. More than a Renault Espace.

Good-value services

The S-Max produced in Spain report offers a very decent price-performance equipment. It is much more accessible … a Renault Espace. Its rates are among the compact MPV and large minivans. With diesel 150 horsepower, the price is very complete version of Titanium 37.100 euros, which must be added 1,760 highly recommended for dual-clutch gearbox. Or 3500 for the four-wheel drive.

But options abound as powerful with adjustable LED headlights (1,250 euros), the light sunroof (1,000), the cloth upholstery imitation suede (1,500), expensive but silky. This is combined with leather pieces and, incomprehensibly, to pieces of leatherette low end of a bad taste unnamed! Finally, harmonious Sony audio system “premium” is 350 euros. But even without delving into the list of supplements, the S-Max remains attractive with strong qualities. This is the best large MPV market.

  • Test model: Ford S-Max 2.0 TDCi Titanium Powershift 150: 38 860 euros (250 euros of malus)
  •  Power output: 150 hp (diesel)
  •  Dimensions: 4.80 meters (length) x 1.91 (width) x 1.62 (top)
  •  Qualities: Habitability and functionality, aesthetic, safe and pleasant road manners, transmission “Powershift” very nice
  •  Faults: Atmosphere sad, excessive turning radius, very legible speedometer, few squeaks, measured performance
  • Competitors: VW Touran TDi DSG 150 Carat: 37,060 euros; Citroën C4 Grand Picasso Blue EAT6 HDi Exclusive: 37,580 euros; Renault Espace dCi 160 EDC Intensity: 44,220 euros

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