2016 BMW X3 Spy Shots

With the snow hunting is not allowed, but the rule does not apply to hunters scoop automobile. The third-generation BMW X3 is due out in 2017. Built under the codename G01, the 2017 BMW X3 is currently being tested in Northern Europe and we have the first 2016 BMW X3 Spy Shots. The body is camouflaged with the usual film misleading, but the essential features you can still appreciate.

The third generation X3 will follow the design lines of the F15 BMW X5 and F16 BMW X6, so this translates to the headlights transition into the kidney grille, a more upright “nose” and round squared shapes that give the car a more muscular look. Judging by the spy shots, the G01 X3 sports a more muscular body with a lower roofline, giving the new X3 a sportier look. The front design was adjusted due to the new pedestrian safety regulations and now sits a little straighter than before.

IN SEARCH OF LIGHT – The design of the BMW X3 , which should be based on a new modular platform, is inspired by that of her older sister X5. Do not be surprised if they arrived after news of a significant loss of kilograms compared to the current edition, preordained to reduce CO2 emissions. The impression is that the car is lower than that available today but for such considerations need to wait for the final version and its accompanying technical information.

“FACE” REVISED – Compared to the current edition, the prototype taken by BMW Blog looks different in the design of the front, with a little touch-up ‘to all elements. The typical mask in two parts of the house seems to be a bit ‘lower, while the headlights are presented with a simple profile at the bottom. Less conspicuous is the air intake low, so that the set should be more elegant and discreet.

2016 BMW X3 Spy Shots

2016 BMW X3 Spy Shots 1 2016 BMW X3 Spy Shots 2

There are no definite information on the choice of engines, but it appears more likely that the use of the units that already equip the current generation with refinements to reduce consumption. Apparently the BMW is also developing versions more “exotic”: it is the 40th with 6-cylinder turbo brought to 360 hp and the X3 M that should reach about 420 hp thanks to the engine of the M3.