2015 Subaru Outback 2.0D Lineartronic Review and Test

2015 Subaru Outback 2.0D Lineartronic Review and Test

5th generation Outback retains the acquired characteristics while adapting to its environment. Middle it now analysis by the cameras of EyeSight safety device that strenna for Europe.

Subaru continues to grow. After record sales in 2012 and 2013, with 707,000 and 830,000 units respectively, the Japanese expert has made further progress over the year 2014 in excess of 900,000 cars. The increase in sales, however, remains largely be credited to the US market. The latter has just been absorbed for the first time more than 500,000 Subaru in a single year. Sales of Japanese brand in Europe regress against lightly with 56,000 sales in 2014 against 59,000 units in 2012 and 2013. A pioneer of the cast of “breaks without fear” ready to leave the marked roads, the Outback already walked its elevated body for 2 or 4 years, before seeing the dawn Volvo XC70 (1997) and Audi A6 Allroad (1999). At the time, one that would open the way for a real horde of competitors, caring for them generally more their style adventurer adventurous than their benefits, called Legacy Outback to remind his kinship with him that the big break was the basis of which the import has meanwhile been suspended here.

Subaru Outback 2.0D Review and Test

2015 Subaru Outback 2.0D Lineartronic Review and Test


On paper, the boxer “diesel” has hardly evolved since its launch in 1998. It is still just 150 hp and 350 Nm. The changes to comply with the Euro 6 standards but make it even more enjoyable to use: slightly vibrating and once at temperature, very discreet. While it lacks some resources during big raises, it offers overall performance rather honest. He married in any case perfectly to the Lineartronic CVT.

2015 Subaru Outback 2.0D Lineartronic Review and Test


The dynamic behavior of the Outback surprised given its height of generous cash and real comfort suspension. Via targeted intervention the brakes on the inside wheels, the new Vector torque distribution device makes the Outback even more agile than before. It will still not be abused. In active driving, the front end let go gradually. Brakes, themselves, display a beautiful endurance.


The permanent all-wheel drive ensures a reassuring active safety. The full battery of airbags is an airbag for the driver’s knees. But above all, the EyeSight allows the Outback finally have electronic aids that were lacking. And serial, to boot! That helps digest some gaps in equipment such as signal detection, automatic switching-beam or supervisor blind spots.


Soundproofing progresses and offers a degree of acoustic comfort worthy of a grand tourer. While it is self-driven depreciation, Subaru crossover demonstrated a “road feel” comfortable without imposing excessively detailed body movements. The seats offer a valuable soft, but do not support enough laterally. The Lineartronic CVT provides, in turn, a smooth evolution without ever imposing heady Moulinages.

2015 Subaru Outback 2.0D Lineartronic Review and Test


Further improved compared to the previous generation, the livability of the Outback is its main strength. Rear passengers enjoy an XXL space and a seat in reclining. Standard on Premium, but unfortunately not offered as an option on the Comfort, power tailgate can be operated from the driving position (opening and closing). It gives off a wide access to safe and regular shapes.


Taking into account its generous equipment, the Outback does not require a whopping price. The 3-year warranty (5 years at € 499) shows generous. Too bad the service interval remains at 15,000 km or every year. It’s a financial constraint and time for a modern car. Finally, the rejection of any CO2 in the absence, in particular, stop & start not make an Outback Diesel particularly attractive nor of direct taxes side or fiscally.

2015 Subaru Outback 2.0D Lineartronic Review and Test

Conclusion / Subaru Outback 2.0 D Lineartronic

Outback reconfirms its great versatility and the seriousness of its design. Certainly, very classic, it is neither the offer nor the most attractive segment of the most sophisticated. But it still is just focusing on the essentials. For example a perfect marriage between the Boxer Diesel and Lineartronic box or ride comfort compromise / compelling dynamism. The new generation of Outback also managed to fill part of the gap in the security plan “2.0” with his extra set of eyes. Without unnecessarily succumb to the latest fashions, the adventurer also allows a touch of modernity with a connected infotainment system, and even a small touch of coquetry by replacing the hard plastic of the dashboard by foamed materials. Do not throw away!

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