2015 Subaru Legacy Specs and Review

Subaru comes from the Japan, its products seem to have been tailored for Canadian drivers. And the new Legacy is no exception to the rule.

It is no coincidence that 2015 Subaru Legacy the mid-size sedan has just won the automotive title of Canadian car of the year award is awarded annually by the Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC).

The new generation of the Legacy of hangover and its offered integral cog in series blends perfectly to our climate. 2015 Subaru Legacy price starts from $ 23 495, she may know a great success.

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2015 Subaru Legacy – Face winter intelligently

More than ever, Quebec drivers seem attracted to the compact SUV. And this can be understood quite easily. We want a safe vehicle and a cog-wheel drive, but you do not want something too big question of fuel economy.

The compact SUV is therefore a logical choice for many. But if a more traditional sedan offered the advantages of the SUV? This is exactly what Subaru Legacy with his offers.

The Japanese manufacturer has mastered the art of AWD. At this level, its reputation is second to none. Even in harsh winter conditions, the Legacy is moving without apparent difficulty. Only his lower guard at ground than an SUV can hurt him when it comes time to get through the snow bank that has formed around the car overnight.

For the rest, driving the Subaru is as safe and more stable than that of a small SUV, though, is selling at higher prices. And with 425 liters of cargo space in the trunk, we can leave for the weekend without worrying about running out of space.

And for those who need more space, there is always the Outback family, built on the same platform.

2015 Subaru Legacy Specs and Review 2

All is not rosy

From the start, the Legacy 2015 is delivered with a four-cylinder engine with 175 horsepower can be shy at times.

The model tested in the context of this column was in turn fitted with the six-cylinder engine H, available in the Legacy from $ 30,795. There, with 256 horsepower, forget the power problems.

By cons, as you expect a comically high fuel consumption. Despite the announced ratings of 11.9 L / 100 km city and 8.2 L / 100 km highway, I have compiled a very disappointing average of 17.2 L / 100 km during my week of testing.

Note that the trips were mostly made in the city and the mercury hovered around -20 degrees. It remains high.

A 6-speed manual transmission is available on the base model, a feature increasingly rare that will delight fans of the cars three pedals.

2015 Subaru Legacy Specs and Review 3

However, it is automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) that may capture the vast majority of sales of the Legacy. This is also the only option available for the version with six cylinders.

Inside, the interior is very inviting, despite the very ergonomic location a few buttons to the left of the steering wheel, near the knees …

The materials are of exemplary quality and the seats are a more than acceptable comfort. Only downside, the infotainment system. And this applies to all Subaru products, not just the Legacy.

Too few intuitive controls on the onboard computer controlled by a touch screen that seems to have forgotten the definition of the word touch. Even with very thin gloves, you have brutally pressure to the surface to finally be understood.

In a world where technology is increasingly involved in the design of a car, Subaru crusts room.

Many positive

No car is perfect, and this is not about to change. However, with this new generation, the Legacy is very well positioned in the ultra-competitive market that is the mid-size sedan.

The vehicle is comfortable, with a flawless performance and a very nervous driving to his size. And his series offered AWD gives it a big advantage.

Especially here, in the land of the winter.


2015 Subaru Legacy Data sheet

  • Nom : Subaru Legacy 3.6R 2015
  • Base price: $ 23,495
  • As tested price: $ 35,395
  • Configuration: four-wheel drive vehicle with the engine before
  • Mechanical: 6 cylinder 3.6 liter
  • Power / torque: 256 hp / 247 lb-ft.
  • Transmission: Automatic Continuously Variable (CVT) (manual available with the 4-cylinder version)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 70 L
  • Fuel consumption: 11.9 L / 100 km (city), 8.2 L / 100km (road)
  • Observed consumption: 17.2 L / 100 km (city, winter)
  • Warranty: 36 months / 60,000 km (base)
  • Competition: Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Mazda6, Nissan Altima

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