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2015 Porsche Macan Review and Photo


LikeAutomotive2015 Porsche Macan, if you’re in the market for a compact crossover chances are you’ve been looking at names like the Ford Escape. The Toyota rav4 or the Honda CRV, you want something nice for there’s always the Audi q5 mercedes-benz GLK.  should come as no surprise there are plenty of options, because this is after all over the fastest growing segments in the US auto market. Very few automakers don’t offer a compact crossover and this year Porsche is adding its name to the list. Me to work on

Porsche is offering two versions of the icon in the United States the S and turbo models, both committed exclusively to their seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission, and with an all-wheel-drive system biasing the rear wheels. The con ass uses a 3-liter mail that makes 340 horsepower. It sixty miles an hour in 5.2 seconds and officially it’s rated at ninety miles per gallon on average. Then there’s the hotter McCann turbo, its end in this place is 3.6 leaders and makes a whopping 400 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. Tt’ll reach the mile a minute mark in 4.6 seconds. Well it’s worth noting that both cars can shape 0.2 seconds of other 0-60 time if you pay for the Sport Chrono Package.

Shockingly the turbo model is ready for the exact same fuel economy as the Macan S. oh and pricing well the basement Macan S starts at just under fifty grand. but with several options tected easy to cross the seventy eight thousand dollar, mark entry for the contour bow comes in at just over seventy three thousand dollars. But as usual Porsche extras ain’t cheap, believe it or not most in the contour bows on hand here for evaluation cost more than a hundred thousand bucks. So what do you get for all that point?

For starters Porsche offers eight different wheel options across the model line including the 21-inch wheels, that our test car here has also most to the design elements in the car are meant as a nod to the world beating 918 Spyder halo car.Some stuff to point out include a clamshell but on the front and 3d LED taillights around the back, it’s also worth pointing out that the con Macan S gets rounded tail pipes while the turbo model get squared off urgent, but the best part about this car confined to the cabin.

So let’s go inside have a look base S models come with piano black inserts in the cabin, although you can pay more to get would carbon fiber or this brushed aluminum that our car has here, now the base S model also has leather seats with Alcantara inserts although you can upgrade to two different levels of seats and the ones that were sitting in right now are the absolute best, it 18 way just ability the leather is absolutely supreme and I gotta tell you I think these are probably some other nice a seat on the market in general.

Like the hood and the tail lights the steering wheel is yet another nod to the 918 Spyder. It has split spokes and unlike some other portion models you actually get functional buttons to control things like volume, cell phone, and telematics the get on the right hand side beside attack. Now unfortunately Porsche spec sheet doesn’t have official numbers for leg room but having sat back there in being a pretty short guy myself I can tell you. There’s not a lot of space mind you the same doesn’t go for headroom is plenty of that, and while we’re on the subject space you get roughly 18 cubic feet with the rear seats up or about 53 with them for the down it. By the way you get a 40/20/40 split so if you do something like snowboarding for example,he lay down the middle and put the skis or the snowboard right through the center.

It’s also worth mentioning that, it doesn’t matter which model you pick either the ASR the turbo. Porsche doesn’t restrict which options you can choose so aside from the engine and larger brakes on the front and rear really you can actually option out either car to have exactly the same premium features regardless of which one you pick.

just look at Scion Big Brother mccandless unbelievably comfortable on highway stance. I mean the cabin is so well isolated it’s so quiet, its almost a little bit too easy, you can get adaptive cruise control, Lane Keeping Assist and also blind spot monitoring all of which make highway driving a lot less stressful, and even if you don’t have the adaptive cruise control currently active along the cars outfitted with it you can actually apply the brakes to preload them if it senses that the car had a new starting to slow down and you haven’t noticed that. You don’t respond with breaks or at least not even enough, the garden actually like ball breaking to slow you down and at least lessen the impact of the crash.

on as much as this is a different car than the canyon so many different ways the comparisons are inevitable because Porsche SUV portion as he needs help just a couple bullet points you actually said lower your table setting lower again the kind then you are in the Cayenne ground clearance isn’t quite as good in this car but with the optional air suspension, you do get all the way up to 9.06 inches of ground clearance, when you have to get high mold. Standard equipment was for the icon includes summer performance tires although all seasons are optional and. You have a wide range of wheels regardless about your the 20 inch or the 21’s you get a rear tires the measure 295 millimeters wide and that as much as anything else is a hint at the fact that Porsche really wants to make this a sporty car to drive.

Luckily we spent most of the day, driving at Willow Springs outside a ballet to test whether or not that really is in fact the case.

Won the coolest things about this card is the all-wheel-drive system. its rear biased by Porsche says that it’s capable of sending almost all the power to the front axle if you need it. Now like other Porsche cars, this car is available with a torque vectoring loss package in what that means, is you can actually apply breaking over the rear axle to the inside rear wheel and that’ll help you wrote a better corners, now when you’re out on public roads the Macan S has plenty of power, but when you get to the race track you really start to notice that the turbo model is in its element the engine has a lot more power and it makes me big difference.

On the front and the rear you get bigger rotors and that leads to more stopping power, and it’s a heavy car no matter how you work with it so having that extra stopping power a difference. Speaking of way the model that we’re driving right now weighs more than forty six hundred pounds and you can believe it. When taking a hard corner you really feel a lot of body roll. Especially with the steel springs now actually we have the air suspension in this model, and a dozen a lot to help bring use the building a body roll, but at the same time just no getting around the fact you’re driving a bberry heavy cross over.

Admittedly the base price on the icon is entirely unrepresentative of what it can do, but then again this is Porsha and you have to expect to spend big money on options with a company like this, and if you’re willing to do it you be getting a product that redefines what a compact crossover can be.

Some 2015 Porsche Macan Photos

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