2015 New Audi A4 With New lines and Technology

2015 New Audi A4 With New lines –   The sedan will come to market with almost unchanged dimensions of 2015. The length is 4,701 mm and the width of 1,826 mm. The amount may vary depending on the model 1417 to 1437 mm. In the present data for the 2.0-liter TFSI Quattro Avant and as a model, it remains a power of 225 hp, a top speed of 240 km / h, and the consumption of 6.9 liters per 100 km. The CO2 emissions of 160 g / km.

 2015 New Audi A4 With New lines and Technology

2015 New Audi A4 With New lines and Technology

Design line is adjusted for the new Audi A4

Visually shall be designed more like a sculpture, the new Audi A4. This is already in the consideration of the grill. The headlights move directly approach the air inlet and should be able to be optionally equipped with full-LEDs. The side section is stronger than previously formed. For this, the designers have increased the collection over the sill.

The pronounced spoiler lip on the boot lid of the new Audi A4 is especially important under aerodynamic point – a field which has the brand to Mercedes last too much neglected. Also from back the impression of a dynamic form, which is further emphasized by the large, two-part taillights. Speaking of light: The daytime running lights presents itself in the future as a fine strips, the time of appearance of lights is over.

In the interior, a few things will do: the use of a head-up displays for the Audi A4 has long been hotly debated, because it requires a lot of space in the cockpit. But the technology against taking his eyes off the Ingolstadt based is important. In addition, information is also in the rearview mirror, which is to be developed into a kind of screen with mirror function, arise.

Touchpad with new features

The touchpad as a control center in the center console has been used Audi A8 and A6, and most recently in the A3 and the future you will also find the new Audi A4. It is not larger, but intelligent and can be used as an alternative for voice control to apply character. The touchscreen technology VW is here so continue not to be found, and the possibility of writing for Audi in particular with regard to the Chinese market important – after all, accounts for 30 percent of medium-term business on the Middle Kingdom.

The client can continue the way with several fingers click through the menu levels or move the sections of the navigation map – all in an area of twelve by eight centimeters. In a further stage, the driver should the way forward to a haptic feedback of the touchpad – and even that reacts in a somewhat distant future a head-up display, to gesture control.

The Mercedes C-Class may change radically in 2014 exterior design, Audi is investing a lot of development in the design of the multimedia landscape. So you work on a programmable display, which has been introduced in the Audi TT and is intended to be used in A4. However, the client can not determine everything themselves – Audi to him together certain programs.

One thing is of course that the new Audi A4 with the model change must be economical. Therefore, Audi relies on the cylinder shut-off when four-cylinder and a plug-in hybrid. The 1.4 TSI (122 PS and 180) may temporarily shut down two cylinders at low and medium load – which corresponds statistically about 70 percent of the distances covered. The connection and disconnection should not take more than 36 milliseconds to complete and reduce consumption by half a liter per 100 kilometers.

2015, then the first plug-in hybrid in the new Audi A4 ready to go. It enables a pure electric range of 50 miles – most customers can commute to work and back so then put back in this way. Audi combines here expected the 2.0 TFSI (211 hp) with a 95-hp electric motor and thus ensures that saving even fun. In the more distant future, but to a combination with a diesel be possible, the range again should greatly increase.

Is that enough for the new Audi A4 to make up ground in 2014 against the strong BMW and Mercedes-competition? The requirements are at least not bad. And the view so that future purr 50 kilometers purely electrically through the area, making ever wanting more. ( 2015 New Audi A4 With New lines and Technology)

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