2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

it’s been almost 4 years and 6 months that the Hyundai ix20 plying his on our roads. It was time to give him a little upgrading. That the manufacturer has done. Timidly to see you go. That he gives him still a little attraction? This is what we’ll see.

Introduced in late 2010 and early 2011 sold the Hyundai ix20 is the technical clone of the Kia Venga. Both minivans, came to play in the courtyard of the Opel Meriva and Renault Modus (stopped since) had their exit serious arguments to make, beginning with concrete guarantees, ie 5 years unlimited mileage for the ix20, with 5 years Support and 5 years of free annual checks.

But that was not all. Generous interior volume and especially giant chest to the class, rich equipment and real comfort also played in his favor.

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

The ix20 facelift before

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

The ix20 after restyling. Only the front changes a little.

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

The ¾ rear view does not change one iota.

All this is still relevant because Hyundai has simply not changed much in its minispace. It’s simple, technically, the changes are invisible. They consist of a passage of all engines in Euro 6 pollution standards, with the effect of improving the efficiency of several of them. The couple of two diesel has also been improved (some). 1.4 The IDRC 90 passes 220 Nm at 1750 RPM and 240 Nm at 1 500 rpm, while the 1.6 IDRC retains its 260 Nm at 1500 revolutions but instead of 1 900. The fuel consumption and emissions are also lowered (4.2 liters / 100 g and 110 for the 90 hp 1.4 and 119 g against 4.5 previously, and 4.4 l / 100 g and 115 against 4.4 liters / 100km and 117 g for the 1.6 115 hp ). The biggest novelty is therefore ultimately the emergence of a new 6-speed automatic transmission instead of 4, coupled with the 1.6 petrol engine 125 hp.

The developments thus remain invisible so even almost imperceptible to driving.

An unchanged interior, but sufficiently flexible

But it’s another thing to also virtually invisible, are the stylistic developments. Externally, it was a good look, from every angle, and only the grille has changed … It keeps the same hexagonal shape but removes the crosses painted colored plastic body and geometrical motifs for chrome strips, an entourage of the same gloss and honeycomb pattern. The headlights become “bi-functional” depending on the finish but do not change drawing. At the rear, no difference before the last level of finish and to unpublished LED lights. Otherwise, nothing … Oh yes, new wheels.

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

Inside, no change in design of the dashboard, the upholstery is also occasions. It is hard plastic everywhere but assembled and not unpleasant to the eye. Only the equipment possibilities evolve, with the option of a heated steering wheel and a new audio system with 1GB of built-in storage.

Livability remains the same modularity as well. The latter is correct, with two-part sliding seat, reclining and flat floor with the seats folded down. But it does not equal that of the Opel Meriva, for example, and “Flex Space”, which allows from 5 to 4 people by bringing the outer seats.

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

The trunk 440 cubic liters. This is an excellent value in the category.

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test Drive

Let’s be clear, limpid like water from a mountain lake from here. The behavior of the ix20 has not moved one iota, simply because nothing has been touched in the chassis and running gear on that facelift version.

We thus find a very typical comfort behavior. The suspension is soft and effectively erase irregularities sometimes very (too) large our secondary road network. But the flip side is a flagrant lack of dynamism when the pace is accelerating. It’s clumsy, management is of little informative even if you could do worse, and minispace takes the roll on the bearing sequences. Nothing dangerous, because the handling remains healthy and you have to go far in excess of optimism to win (front, long before the back) in the dry, the mild weather did not allow us to test roadholding on wet roads.

Braking is effective on him, helped by good original Continental tires PremiumContact.

Of road noise filtering is correct, but the wind noise to become audible 90 km / h, and 130 km / h, almost embarrassing.

A greedy and squalling engine, it takes horsewhip

The 1.6 petrol engine is discreet constant speed but acceleration Braille. And here we come to the description of what Hyundai least successful. Our trial was therefore with this petrol unit, coupled with a new 6-speed automatic transmission, replacing an old 4-speed. The aim, improve performance and reduce consumption.

Test – Hyundai ix20 facelift: repoudrage noseWe had not had in his hands this old version to test, but if it was more delicious and less effective, what it must have been! For, indeed, this new version also proved a gluttonous plantigrade coming out of hibernation. The average consumption stood at 9.6 liters measured (9.2 displayed by the ODB), for a journey of more than 600 km combining city road and expressway. A poor score, the CO2 emissions to 150 g per km foreshadowed anyway. Lowest consumption on a portion of Highway 90 during steady speed, stood at 6 liters, which is just as bad as a 2.0 turbo 200 hp German.

At least we would have for our performance with all that fossil fuel consumption? Neither. Finally, if the performances are correct and related power if you put your foot to the floor continuously. However, with this type of conduct, Braille engine as he can by taking turns, going for power (very) high rpm. And this is tiring for our ears already battered by the noise of everyday life. So if you do not want it braille, we must be gentle with the accelerator. Ok. The result is a sluggish temperament blow. Can not have an in-between. And that’s a shame.

2015 Hyundai ix20 Equipment

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

The Hyundai ix20 is available in four trim levels. However the first, called Initia, is only available with a single engine, the smallest gasoline 90 hp, which is not specifically recommended.

That said it already offers the most part, and even more, with 6 airbags, ESP compulsory, assistance hill start, the tire pressure control, sliding rear seat with reclining seatbacks, remote control central locking the electric front windows, the 6hp MP3 car radio and USB jacks. But she ignores air conditioning for example.

2015 Hyundai ix20 facelift Test and Review

It is by paying € 2,700 more, to access the Intuitive finish, this essential equipment today appeared in automatic version please. She is accompanied in addition to the rear parking assist, ignition auto lights and wipers, Bluetooth, fog lights, daytime running lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, cruise control / speed limiter, electric rear windows, electric and heated mirrors, leather steering wheel.

If you want even more, it will add € 1,100 to the amount of the check to acquire, Creative finish, a panoramic roof with electric blinds, a glossy black grille, plated with black lacquered center console , chrome interior door handles and rear privacy glass.

The last Executive trim level, more expensive to € 2200, says he, hands-free access and keyless start, rearview camera, additional cornering lights, LED rear lights, rims 17-inch alloy, electrochromic rearview mirror, counters supervision and of course, the navigation system with European mapping and 6 free updates.

The combined navigation with touch screen and rear camera is otherwise an option to € 1,100 on Intuitive and Creative finishes.

We see the comfort features are present, but Hyundai is totally ignore the high-tech equipment, such as reading signs, the Lane Departure Warning, assisted parking, or connected services. As emerged from competitors.

The High-Tech developed

The Hyundai ix20  is not in the high-tech. No logged service, no gadget or the driver assistance as adaptive cruise control, automatic braking in town, a lane departure warning or vehicle in the blind spot, or a parking aid.It remains to be the backup camera, Bluetooth and MP3 CD radio … It’s thin face a competing more and more open to technology and the connected world.

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