2015 Honda Civic Type R Review

Honda Civic Type R Review, The Honda Civic Type R has been one of the hot hatches on sale last year or so, which acts as a strong rival of the likes of the Cupra Lion, the Megane Renault and even the new Ford Focus RS.

The hot version of the ninth-generation Civic Honda is the fourth time the family company’s rear window has been receiving treatment for Type A. Although the power behind this model is quite different from the rest – the Civic Type R was turbocharged.

Previous Honda hot hatch iterations were famous for their VTEC engine at high revs, natural aspiration, and the forced induction movement is a big change.

The 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder under the hood produces 306bhp, and Honda said turbocharger measurement provides more accessible performance, higher pure output and better fuel economy.

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However, with a new Civic in the tenth generation began in 2017 the replacement of this car – the new Civic Type R – is brought to the surface in a few months.

There are two different versions of the R type, plus a Black Edition edition model to mark the end of the current generation version. Prices range from £ 29,995, which means that although it is more powerful, it is more expensive than its rivals as well. The lowest figure of £ 30k is for the entry level variant, but there is also a GT model offered at £ 32,295.

Honda Civic Type R standard come with a fair standard equipment including 19-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, climate control and cruise control, parking camera and LED lights, but it’s the GT version gets the full package of the technology. Now a credible rival for the best cars of its kind.

In addition to the standard specifications, this car gets a lot of improved safety equipment with a frontal collision warning, a rear cross traffic alert to warn cars going in space, and recognition of blind signs. There is also double zone climate, automatic windshield wipers and lights, parking sensors everywhere and the latest information and entertainment system with CONNECT from Honda satellite navigation.

The hot hatch sand is particularly competitive at the moment. SEAT rival took the Nurburgring track record for front-wheel drive with his Leon Cupra in a time of 7 minutes 58.12 seconds. Renault then beat four seconds, but Honda says the Type R is more than three seconds faster again, completing the lap in 7 minutes 50.63 seconds. While not all the drive mechanism before that anymore – which is owned by the VW Golf GTI S Clubsport – is still two seconds faster than a supercar Lamborghini Gallardo around the famous “Green Hell”.

Honda Civic Type R Review : Engine performance and driving

While the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and high-winding natural aspiration has been replaced, it is still a VTEC, so you get an extra hit as you increase the pace. In addition, the turbocharger means that there is a lot of mid-range push with 400 Nm of barrel torque, which is the most flexible ever Civic Type R, which means that it is easier to use incredible performance of the Honda.

On paper, the Type R will go from 0 to 62 km / h in 5.7 seconds and reaches 167 km / h flat – and feels up to the demands, too.

Put your foot on the floor and pull hard with a good gulp of torque, which means you can leave it on. However, if you want to work the gearbox, the six-speed manual adapts perfectly to the kinematic chain, with a short super-stroke and good precise mechanical action.

Despite the VTEC system, you can not really feel the engine blow (which now drives its magic low price of 1200 rev / min for a more immediate response), but there is still a fierce top end game with and revolutionizing the Engine to its 7,000 rpm red line with real aggression.

Those who like to hunt revolutions appreciate that Honda has left the character type R only – to a point – and with the added and whistles whooshes turbo, there is a new element in the Honda engine sound.

This is not at all positive, however – these four exhaust pipes emit a bassy idle noise, but in motion the engine emits more than an unmanned aircraft and the noise is quite intrusive if it is on a long cruise.

The problem is easily solved by turning off the road and on winding roads again however. If you press the R button, the panel changes from white to bright red, the already strong suspension cushions are 30% stiffer, the throttle is more sensitive and steering increases.

Consequently, the I mode gives the additional hard core Type I, a centering edge and feels more flexible and agile. Brembo’s 350mm extension have tremendous braking power and a pleasant feel, and the steering is very accurate heavier. It is not filled with feedback, but is so precise that it can guide the Civic by adjusting the angle of the line with small steering and throttle movements. Passing the throttle of an elbow and traction tires diff sliding limited and super sticky low profile is immense.

He is aided by a new intelligent suspension system on the front to give him that additional dynamic capability. By separating the components with a new double-axle design from the bar, this means that each can do his job better, which reduces the steering torque by almost 50 percent. It has not completely disappeared, but the wheel wiggles less and does not pull the hands well under heavy acceleration.

You can use the power of the Civic, too, as the chassis is such a good grip and it communicates clearly what is happening. Adjustable dampers are much stiffer in R mode, but the car still works well (though it’s very difficult) and does not hang by the bumps. Body control is excellent, too.

The Type R is not designed to cross, but call frame to normal and be surprisingly refined. The wraparound sports seats offer plenty of support, but are comfortable, too, and mean that you can find the perfect driving position.

Honda Civic Type R Review : MPG, CO2 and operating costs

One of the main advantages of the Civic Type R turbocharged engine is the improved efficiency coupled with the impressive performance. On paper the Civic Type R returns combined 38.7mpg and 170g / km of CO2, which means the road tax of £ 205 per year.

Operating costs are comparable to those of its turbo competitors, but Honda’s maintenance costs are generally quite high, so routine maintenance could be more expensive than the closest competition from Honda, Renault and SEAT.

Honda Civic Type R Review : Interior design and technology

There is no denying that the Type R tailgate is a good hot pumping, with a deep front bumper with a lot of balls and cooling ducts, flared wheel arches with huge 19-inch alloy wheels, removable quads Quad, a diffuser-style rear bumper and a huge rear spoiler.

Compared to the more subtle approach of the Lion Cupra, the Honda Civic Type R is aggressive and on its face – this design approach will not suit all tastes, and some of the styling elements look a little ‘kid runner’ but It can not be denied that the creation of Honda draws attention wherever it goes.

The glossy black plastic inserts on the front and rear bumpers are large, regardless of the body color, but the bright metallic colors of blue, white pearl and bright red all look towards the angular design of the Civic.

Like the hatch of the regular Honda family, the Type R has the latest updates for Civic and receives the latest groups of headlights and taillights. The overall shape is the same, but sports additives – including the bars and vents in the front wheel arches – fit the type A. You see every inch of the British passenger car’s runner.

Inside, the theme is still spicy. You have to go down to the deep bucket seats in two parts, and there are plenty of Alcantara, contrast stitching and red accents on the dashboard, steering wheel and doors to change the tone.

While the exterior design is attractive, but divisive, as the Civic standard, the interior design is much tasteless. The design of the dashboard next to that of the five-door Civic, and is not so exciting – although within the elements more rise of tone make the Civic feels much more focused, as spectators specific performance R-Type. There are readings for the force curves g, and 0-62 mph sprint time and a row of LEDs that light up when approaching a maximum of turns.

Bucket seats with the support of two pieces and the red and spicy red fringe, these devices add a focused feel to the cabin, but the specifications of the teams seem a bit poor compared to their rivals. You get keyless start, cruise control, Bluetooth, a rear parking camera, stop / start and standard LED headlamps, but – crucially – SAT-NAV is additional. To do this, you will have to pay £ 2,300 more and upgrade to the GT package, which also adds parking sensors everywhere, double zone weather and a number of additional security systems. This takes the price of £ 32,295.

The plastics are still hard and relentless in some places, and although it is very broad inside, it is not at all the hand so smooth the elegant cabin of the Volkswagen Golf R.

However, the praise should go to Honda for being bold enough to design a car that looks like this.

Honda Civic Type R Review : Convenient, comfortable and space in the trunk

One of the main strengths of Honda Civic is its practicality, and although it is a much more specific car, the Type R maintains this trait. Civic standard magic seats are not transported here, they do not fold the rear seats to add extra cargo space behind the front seats, but the standard folding rear seat folds in a single movement, easy to give full cargo floor Flat.

Taking into account the performance, it is very convenient with 498 liters of luggage capacity being offered. Fold the rear seats down and rises to 1427 liters, while the opening and loading dock are both a good shape.

Although there are many sports buttons on the inside, they do not affect the viability as well. The front seats are deeper, so there is a bit less space for the rear passengers, but it is still very spacious.

The storage is also good, with good sized door bags, a coin tray behind the shift lever, a large main compartment and a spacious glove compartment.

Honda Civic Type R Review : Reliability and safety

Honda slid further down the 2016 ranking in our driver satisfaction feed driver survey in the 20th overall position. However, for the only reliable, he did much better, taking fifth place behind Toyota, Dacia, Lexus and Tesla.

Although much of the Civic racing team has switched to Type I, Honda’s electronics are almost unchanged time, so they must be reliable here. The current Honda Civic was chosen as the best 40th car to live with our first 200 of 2,016 electric driver survey.

The last time the Honda Civic has been tested crash was in 2012. Euro NCAP has awarded the Civic five stars, and as the car facelift even more safety technology packages, the Type R should be equally robust in an accident, Ont More features to try to avoid.

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