2015 Honda Civic Type R Concept, More Ferocious

2015 Honda Civic Type R | likeautomotive.com

LikeAutomotive ~Ahead of the Paris Motor Show this 2014, Honda said that the Honda Civic Type R concept would appear complete with technical specifications in the production Variant. Surely this is a very good news for lovers of Honda Civic Type R that exist around the world.


From the picture we get from the Honda press release global, a variant of the concept will be present at the Paris Motorshow most likely was the last variant of the concept that is ready in implentasikan to the production version. Compared to the Civic Type R version of the concept before, this car also don’t experience a lot of revision compared to the previous concept variants.

2015 Honda Civic Type R Rear Wings Painted on Blue BodyHonda said in a press conference ahead of the Paris Motorshow that this car will have the taste of European cars ranging from handling and engineering, and production of the Honda Civic Type R will start at Swindon, UK.

2015 Honda Civic Type R | likeautomotive.com

Honda Civic Type R 2015 will also get leap of technology and improvement of horsepower engine that significantly. Power Honda Civic type R will be available starting from the most recent 280 PS for the lowest round in the engine variant of the 7,000 Rpm. the great Power due to the use of the machine the 2,000 cc turbocharged VTEC latest generation.

According to Suehiro Hasshi as Project Leader of the Civic Type R 2015, Honda had 4 pieces of Type R series ranging from Civic, Integra, Accord and NSX. The 2,000 cc engine Honda Civic engine it will be unbeatable if we look at the power, torque and response from the engine itself.

Funny thing is in the middle of fierce automatic transmission car in double-clutched engines as sports car present, thus retaining the Honda transmission 6 speed manual with reason in order to enhance the pleasure of driving. Does this car in car design as serious a motorcyclist who loves speed.


In addition, Honda also offers the latest technology with the name “+ R” mode button, the button “+ R” located on the side of the steering wheel is useful to calibrate the response of the engine, steering wheel and four-point adaptive damper system.

When the “+ R” button is touched, the ride will be more dynamic and has a very sporty character for the car ride on the circuit, but when we are on the way urban areas, we remain able to drive like a normal car by turning off the “+ R” mode.

From the exterior, surely we need not doubt any longer how designers making Honda Honda Civic Type R with this latest big a wing on the back. For the variant will be introduced at the Paris Motorshow, Honda Civic Type R will be provided with red paint and a few new striping to make it look more dynamic.

Unfortunately Honda says that this is only for cars sold in Europe only, they are not planning to sell these cars to markets outside Europe. So, for you are waiting for this car in the country. It’s good not to get too hopeful!

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