2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive – These are tough times for American trucks. Since the abandonment of the Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota, Nissan and Toyota monopolize this market segment.

Ford did not help the cause by launching the new F-150 2015 with EcoBoost engine and aluminum body, since it eliminates the chance to review the Ford Ranger in Canada (it continues to be sold in South America and elsewhere ).

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive

He still has a light at the end of the tunnel: the new Chevrolet Colorado 2015!

Redesigned AZ

Designers from scratch and adopted a much more modern approach in the development of their new midsize truck. It is unlike any other produced by the three Detroit giants.

The front a little more rounded, the tapered headlights, dark grille, tapered side windows, running boards painted black and soft edges are typical of a Japanese truck. If you want a square face and lots of chrome, look elsewhere.

What is interesting about the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is that its design was designed not only to offer something different to light truck buyers, but also to attract those who shop the side of the crossover. After all, if full-size pickups such as Silverado now meet more needs and lifestyles, why not do the same with the small Colorado?Lovers of crossovers are active and looking on luxury and driving pleasure that the robustness and practicality; van with its distinctive look, Colorado 2015 fits this description – Bonus cargo bed! 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive

Always designed to work

Obviously, Chevrolet has not forgotten the original purpose of its midsize truck. Two box lengths are offered (5 feet 2.7 inches and 6 feet 2 inches) and is home to four tie-down hooks, spaces on each side to personalize the case and the famous footsteps end integrated rear bumper (one can put his foot even when wearing steel toe boots).

My copy also included an all-terrain Z71 (with big Goodyear Wrangler tires), a spray bedliner ($ 525 option) and a tailgate that opens gently with hydraulic dampers (I love! ). However, I could have done without this gas tank that encroaches on the left side of the box.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive

Is this really a cab Chevrolet? 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive

Inside the Chevrolet Colorado 2015, the dials and center console remind me a lot of great Silverado, while the thick leather steering wheel, gear lever mounted on the console and the coating of seats 2 tone cloth / leather are modern touches that combine well with the new exterior design. The driving position proves typical of a van, that is to say, it offers a commanding view of the road (beyond the long hood). I would have liked by the foundation against the rear seats can be folded instead of files, because it is not ideal to place heavy items; it is better to use the floor as the F-150 or Tacoma.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive

Technology aside, the new 2015 Colorado impressed, especially with its 4G LTE connectivity (that everyone could discover through clever advertising on the recent Super Bowl). This takes advantage of a wireless access point to browse the Internet, play music continuously, etc. My test model, there was even the Chevrolet MyLink touchscreen interface with navigation system and SiriusXM (optional $ 795) and a Bose audio system ($ 685).

Muscle with the V6

Chevrolet Colorado 2015 series contains a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter 200 horsepower or an optional 3.6-liter V6 that generates 305 horsepower. In the latter case, it is enough to move through the beautiful van with aplomb – and a marked improvement over the 5-cylinder engine of the older generation.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Test Drive

The power sent to the rear wheels or all four through a manual or automatic 6-speed gearbox. 4×4 models use a transfer case two regimes. I had the opportunity to try a bit of Colorado outside the box and she easily pulled out of the game.

We are not surprised to find an independent front suspension with coil over shock absorbers and rear suspension rigid axle with two-stage multileaf springs. Despite this, I have not felt hopping on the back as is often the case with trucks that carry no load. This proves that the new Colorado is not directed only to truck buyers.

This vehicle is truly versatile, especially in high-end version Z71. My colleagues boast many Toyota Tacoma for the same quality and the fact that it is well suited to the lifestyle of its owners, but I think the Chevrolet Colorado 2015 will give him a hard time for the first time in several years .