10 things to know about the BMW X7

10 things to know about the BMW X7

SUVs are proliferating at a breakneck pace in the market, and at the ends of the automotive spectrum. Indeed, as much as we see utilities of very small formats appear, so many immense behemoths are born at different addresses.

This was the case at BMW with the arrival of the X7 a little over a year ago. What should you know about this X5 which appears to have been stung by a wasp? Here are 10 things to know about it.

10 things to know about the BMW X7

1 – Price

The base price of the X5 is around $ 75,000. That of the X7 is over $ 95,000. Is that a lot to take advantage of a third bench seat and more cargo space? More luxury? Yes, of course, but with the X5, we are well served at the start, we will agree. The second variant in the catalog is priced at $ 117,500 and an Alpina B7 version is even offered for more than $ 165,000.

Clearly, the buyer of an X7 fears COVID-19 more than the end of the month.

2 – Two engines

Two mechanics can serve the X7. A twin-turbo 6-cylinder with 335 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque for the xDrive40i variant, a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque for the xDrive M50i livery. The Alpina B7 version has the same engine, but sees its power displayed at 612 horsepower, its torque at 590 pound-feet.

Everywhere, an eight-speed automatic transmission is featured. The softness of his work is to be emphasized.

3 – Six… or seven places

The cabin can be configured to accommodate six or seven people. In the third row, the seats fold down electrically using buttons. The system is awkwardly slow though, so much so that we wish we could fold them up ourselves. As for the “comfort” of this third row, we may be at BMW, we should not expect miracles. Comfort is okay, space is relatively generous, but the X7 is not a bus.

4 – The grid

When the X7 was introduced, there had been a lot of talk about its oversized grille. Looking back, and after seeing what the manufacturer’s surgeons have done with the most recent generation of the 4 Series, the muzzle of the X7 looks tiny. In fact, if a BMW product deserves an oversized grille, this is it. The proportions are successful.

5 – Compared to the GMC Yukon (exterior)

Size-wise, how does the BMW X7 compare to one of the industry’s most popular full-size SUVs, the GMC Yukon (and twin Chevrolet Tahoe)? As for the wheelbase, that of the X7 is more generous at 3105 mm against 3071. As for the length, the palm goes to the Yukon which stretches for 5.355 meters against 5.165 for the X7. For the width, it is very similar whereas the X7 is displayed at 2 meters, the Yukon at 2,057 meters. And the height? A good difference when the X7 is at 1.805 meters, the Yukon at 1.943 meters. Consequently, if you park them side by side, the Yukon will impose itself physically.

6 – Compared to GMC Yukon (interior)

Inside, the length of the Yukon pays off a lot, as the cargo space offered to the consumer is far greater. Concretely, the BMW X7 offers a maximum volume of 2559 liters when the seats are lowered on board. With the Yukon, the volume climbs to 3479 liters and that’s not to mention the elongated variant which offers 4097.

And why compare the BMW X7 to the GMC Yukon? Because if that’s space you’re looking for, and room for at least seven people, the Yukon is still a great choice for $ 30,000 less. Yes, the prestige image… In fact, the real rival of the X7 at GM is the Cadillac Escalade, except that we wanted to show that you could have more in many chapters for several tens of thousands of dollars less.

7 – User-friendly multimedia system

For a long time, the BMW multimedia system was a torture to use. Over the generations, we have seen a lot of improvement and the current version is really interesting. It notably benefits from a 12.3-inch touch screen with vivid colors and a clear and visible display. The screen responds to soft touches and the system can accept a variety of spoken commands more naturally. Those who prefer to use a physical button will appreciate the fact that the vehicle has a touchpad controller. It is even possible to perform some functions using the gesture recognition system. In short, great luxury.

8 – The seats

With the X7 xDrive40i the seats are covered with synthetic leather and at the front they are heated and they can be electrically adjusted in 16 ways. These adjustments include those related to lumbar and lateral supports. The driver’s seat has a memory function.

With the xDrive50i version, the buckets have 20 adjustments and there is memory for the passenger seat as well. Vernasca leather is standard on this model and it is possible to opt for Merino leather, available in eight different colors.

And it is nothing; one can also opt for a luxury set for the seats. We then find the ventilated function and eight different massage programs.

9 – Autonomous parking

Offered with front and rear parking sensors, the X7 can help drivers when parking. If someone has had difficulty parking, they can opt for the Panoramic View Parking System which provides a 360 degree perspective of the vehicle. It is even possible to get a hands-free parallel parking aid system that can take care of the tricky maneuver.

In addition, thanks to reverse gear assistance, the vehicle remembers the last 50 meters traveled forward. It is then able to reproduce them autonomously in reverse, which can be ideal for performing a maneuver in the evening when nothing can be seen (after parking during the day).

10 – Driving

Aside from the luxury, the price, the space, the V8 engine (tested version) and the autonomous functions for parking, what is perhaps the most impressive about the X7 is the experience behind the wheel. that he proposes. The vehicle may weigh some 2500 kilos, it never shows. The electronic crutches available to it make you feel like youre in a ballerina’s body when it comes time to perform maneuvers.

Expect a rather steep bill at the pump, however; there are miracles that technology simply cannot achieve.

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